Fappening continues: Sarah Hyland and Kylie Jenner were victimized

The latest victims of the Fappening saga

Jenner and Hyland involved in Fappening breachesThe rich, the famous, and the attractive — these are the main targets of the Fappening leaks [1] which have already exposed thousands of private images belonging to a few dozens of global celebrities.

You can find the names of Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Verlander, Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson in the list of the Fappening victims and this list continues to grow even longer [2].

According to the latest reports, Sarah Hyland, a co-star of the TV drama Modern Family was in for an unpleasant surprise when she found out that her iCloud account could have potentially been broken into and the images, as well as some video material of her posted on some underground Internet photo dumps [3]. Nevertheless, some claim that the images actually belong to Hyland’s lookalike and not the celebrity herself.

Despite all the uncertainties regarding the situation, Hyland’s representatives have announced that legal mechanism is already running and the publishers or distributors of actress private data will be prosecuted.

Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat leaves hackers empty-handed

Hacking is a win-or-lose game in which you can never know what comes out of it. Kylie Jenner’s case shows that you can never be too careful with your social media. The Internet celebrity’s Snapchat account has been recently hacked, followed by the perpetrator's threats to publish naked photos found on the app.

Fortunately, after a few days of digging up, the hackers had to admit that this Fappening leak attempt was a fail and there was no information on Jenner’s account that could be regarded as “valuable” to them.

Neither the star’s spokespeople, nor Kyle herself has commented on the situation, but the attacker's source has already been banned.

Protecting your private information

While the images can be an eye-candy for some, you can only imagine how uncomfortable the whole situation is for the people involved. You should remember that it is not only the famous people that get involved in the hackers’ traps.

For instance, there are ransomware viruses such as Petya, Cerber or Chimera that can steal your personal files and demand a ransom for their recovery and even threaten to publish the stolen data online if the ransom is not paid in time.

To stay safe, take precautions listed below:

  1. Secure your social media accounts with strong passwords, consisting of at least 8 different characters and including special symbols. Make sure you don’t use the same password for several accounts as well.
  2. Be careful what you share or post online. There are things that are better be left private.
  3. Create backup copies of your sensitive documents, images, video and audio material. This way the information will remain safe even if your device gets broken into.
  4. Make sure applications you are using are updated to the latest versions. Vulnerabilities of unpatched or outdated apps can be exploited more easily.
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