MS Edge lags behind Windows 10 Creators Update

A couple of months after Microsoft has finally delivered Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it did not take too long for them Windows 10 Creators Update[1]. Its predecessor has sparked various discussions about the introduced new features. Users got also frustrated by the frequency of tiresome update and reboot processes[2]. Likewise, users may have to endure another series of such reboot sessions when the Creators Update reaches their devices. MS Edge users who have already installed it have faced an unpleasant recurring bug – crashing Microsoft Edge browser. Will the Windows 10 Anniversary Update story repeat itself?

Luckily, not all MS Edge users are discontent with the latest Windows 10 update. The MS Edge crashing problem was reported only by several MS Edge users[3]. The problem occurs when the browser launches. The browsing session goes smoothly for a couple of minutes until Edge unexpectedly crashes and shuts downs itself. Restarting the browser or the computer does not help much as the issue recurs. Though all the blame falls on MS Edge browser, there are speculations that a bug in the Creators Update may cause the error. Now the only solution seems to create a new user account. Certainly, such constant crashing may encourage users to opt for another browser until the issue gets tackled my Microsoft.

MS Edge bug is expected to be fixed soon

MS Edge got an exceptional spotlight in the Windows Creators update introduction conference. The developers promote it to be superior to its counterparts, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome when it comes to energy saving. The experiment revealed that it lasted longer by 35% than Chrome, and 77% – than Mozilla[4]. However, such results are only visible when devices are configured specifically. Despite its promoted advantages, MS edge performs quite poorly when it comes to cyber security. It suffered quite a shameful defeat in Pwn2Own contest[5]. The initial version of MS Edge had some rip-off features of IE and Chrome. The developers intended to make it the mixture which outruns its older counterparts. While it managed to become slightly more secure than IE and Safari, it still suffered from a hijack twice in contrast to Chrome which got partially corrupted only once. These findings suggest that there is still a long way for MS Edge to top the browsers‘ contest. Windows 10 Creators Update might only expose more its bugs. However, the same goes for the Update as well. It seems that a series of new security patches and updates are taking shape in the horizon.

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