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Stay safe online - 2021-01-28

AridViper group strikes with a new PyMICROPSIA trojan

PaloAlto newly-discovered malware is crafted to steal browser credentials and other sensitive information from Windows computers. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-12-15

Adobe releases the final Flash Player update before its shut down in January

Adobe asks users to uninstall the flawed plugin before its end of life on January 12. More
News Security   2020-12-14

FireEye hacked by state-sponsored and sophisticated threat actors

Cybersecurity firm fell victim to a hacker attack: Red Team penetration testing tools stolen. More
News Security   2020-12-09

PlayStation Now security flaw lets attackers execute arbitrary code

Security bugs found in the PlayStation Now could lead to malicious code execution on Windows PCs. More
News Security   2020-12-08

The planemaker Embraer became a victim of the ransomware: data leaked

Third-largest airplane company suffers data breach and hackers now leaking their data. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-12-07

New iOS bug could lead to data exfiltration and full device control

Google Project Zero white-hat hacker reveals that anyone with the right capabilities could have spied on iPhone users. More
News Security   2020-12-02

Banijay, producer of MasterChef, hit by ransomware

The malware strain responsible for the attack is DoppelPaymer ransomware. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-12-01

Delaware County in the process of paying DoppelPaymer creators $500K

Criminals demanded $500,000 to free the system of government network it has taken hostage: Delaware County pays. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-11-30

A bug discovered in cPanel allows bypassing two-factor authentication

Major security flaw can lead to attacks on web hosting companies: more than 70 million sites managed via cPanel software. More

More than 300K Spotify accounts compromised by credential stuffing attack

Hackers used 300 million records with username/password combinations for hacking into other Spotify accounts. More
News Security   2020-11-24

A list of Fortinet VPNs with exploitable vulnerability got published

Hacker exposed a list of 50 000 Fortinet VPN devices that can be easily exploited. More
News Security   2020-11-23

Ransomware attack shuts down major web hosting provider

The attack forced the company to shut down hosting systems, along with customer websites. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-11-18

Southeast Asia government institutions targeted by Chinese APT group

Espionage attack on the government sector leaves at least 200 systems infected with malware. More
News Security   2020-11-17

Covid-19 vaccine developers actively targeted by state-funded APTs

North Korean and Russian hackers actively targeting seven labs developing Covid-19 vaccine, Microsoft reports. More
News Security   2020-11-16

Ragnar Locker gang runs ads on hacked Facebook accounts

Ragnar Locker ransomware creators breached Campari Group servers. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-11-12
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