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Stay safe online - 2021-04-17

A list of Fortinet VPNs with exploitable vulnerability got published

Hacker exposed a list of 50 000 Fortinet VPN devices that can be easily exploited. More
News Security   2020-11-23

Ransomware attack shuts down major web hosting provider

The attack forced the company to shut down hosting systems, along with customer websites. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-11-18

Southeast Asia government institutions targeted by Chinese APT group

Espionage attack on the government sector leaves at least 200 systems infected with malware. More
News Security   2020-11-17

Covid-19 vaccine developers actively targeted by state-funded APTs

North Korean and Russian hackers actively targeting seven labs developing Covid-19 vaccine, Microsoft reports. More
News Security   2020-11-16

Ragnar Locker gang runs ads on hacked Facebook accounts

Ragnar Locker ransomware creators breached Campari Group servers. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-11-12

Tianfu Cup 2020: Chinese hacking contest shows flaws in Chrome, Windows

The most popular tech brands got owned - Chinese hacking contest participants exploited new 0-days to break in. More
News Security   2020-11-10

Trump fights the election: voter information leaked on the lawsuit site

Trump campaign's website, set up for self-reporting voters, had an SQL injection flaw that exposes personal data to anyone. More
News   2020-11-09

Japanese video game maker Capcom suffers cyberattack

Capcom's email and file servers breached by a third party. More
News Security   2020-11-05

Barbie makers Mattel hit by ransomware: TrickBot possibly to blame

The company suffers the ransomware attack and discloses that business functions got affected, even though temporarily. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-11-04

Users should update Chrome: Google patched second zero-day in two weeks

Google released a new Chrome update for Mac, Windows, and Linux users in order to eliminate vulnerabilities including a new zero-day. More

Well-known Maze ransomware gang is shutting down its operations

Although the Maze ransomware group is prevalent, it started to shut down six weeks ago. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-10-29

Hacker stole $24 million worth of cryptocurrency from Harvest Finance

Harvest Finance confirmed the loss of $24 million: the hacker returned $2.5 million later. More
News Security   2020-10-28

Beware of a new phishing campaign using fake voter registration forms

Fake voter registration forms used to collect user data, banking, and email passwords. More
News Spam and phishing   2020-10-26

Scammers are trying new tactics to fight

Cybercriminals are getting even more innovative when they fight against 2-spyware and spread fake information. More
General News   2020-10-22

Adobe fights deep fakes: brings new content attribution tool

Adobe has begun testing the content attribution tool in Photoshop that lets creators attach secure watermark to photos. More
News Security   2020-10-21