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Stay safe online - 2020-08-06

StrongPity APT back: targeting Syria and Turkey with new malware tools

Watering hole attacks against the Kurdish community in Syria and Turkey aiming to exfiltrate data revealed. More
News Security   2020-07-01

Is Trump related to the “Ask your parents to vote” Roblox hack?

Thousands of Roblox accounts have been hacked to express support for the US President Trump. More

The first release of Magento platform reaches the end: updates needed

The heavily exploited Magento 1.x bugs get patched when the first version reaches end-of-life on June 30th. More
News Security   2020-06-29

Updated Windows 10 to version 2004 and using Malwarebytes? Expect problems

One of the top AV programs is experiencing compatibility issues with Windows 10 version 2004. More
News   2020-06-27

Docker Hub used to distribute Monero cryptocurrency mining malware

Researchers identified Docker Hub community user account that contained malicious crypto-mining images. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-06-26

New Evil Corp release: WastedLocker demands ransoms from $500k to $1M

Evil Corp, previously known as Dridex trojan creators, returned to the field with a virus after members got charged. More
News   2020-06-25

Is Indiabulls Group going to pay CLOP ransomware? We’ll see

Indiabulls Group is given 24 hours to pay a ransom for the variant of CryptoMix ransomware known as CLOP. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-06-24

Google Analytics used so steal data from customers of online stores

Hackers used Google Analytics to steal credit card details via infected e-commerce sites. More
News Security   2020-06-23

The best private and secure web browsers of 2020

Choose the right web browser to protect your privacy. Staying anonymous online is not only a trend. More

Spyware extensions removed from Chrome Web Store after 32M downloads

Chrome Web Store under magnifying glass again: 106 add-ons removed for spying on users. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-06-22

Oxford and Samsung servers misused for Office 365 phishing campaigns

Microsoft users from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe targeted by hackers with phishing campaigns spread via hijacked Oxford University, Samsung, and Adobe servers. More
News Spam and phishing   2020-06-20

According to Prime Minister, Australia is under the state-based attack

The Australian government states that country is the target of a malicious and sophisticated attack. More
News   2020-06-19

InvisiMole and Gamaredon join hands to spread backdoor malware

Researchers revealed InvisiMole and Gamaredon hackers unified to initiate targeted attack over high-profile organizations in Eastern Europe. More
News Viruses and parasites   2020-06-18

Ripple20 zero-day vulnerabilities put billions of devices at risk

IoT devices at risk of getting hacked due to 19 newly discovered vulnerabilities . More

Magecart group hacked Claire’s and Icing websites to steal credentials

Web skimmers have been found leaking customers credentials and credit cards on Claire's and Icing websites. More