Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware

There are numerous users on the Internet who report about the Police Central e-crime Unit (PCEU) scam warning that blocked their entire computer. The reason of doing this is really simple – cyber frauds, responsible for letting this malware into the wild, expect their victims to share some money with them. This new way of trying to trick users includes the alert that pretends to be displayed by Police Central e-crime Unit (UK’s Metropolitan Police). It misleadingly claims that your IP is found to have visited websites containing illegal content, such as pornography, child pornography and other. Because of that, you are asked to pay a 100 pound fine. Of course, we highly recommend our users to ignore such alerts and do NOT pay the ‘fine’.

As soon as you get this virus, it locks your computer so that you can’t do anything. The only thing you see is this Police Central e-crime Unit alert and its faked information about the law violation. Besides, this ransomware also claims that there are some files detected on your PC that are filled with Pornographic content, elements of violence and other illegal content. No matter how trustworthy it looks, make sure you ignore Police Centras e-crime unit alert because it’s fake. Being released to scare its victims and get their money, this deceitful notification should be removed without any delay.? Many users infected with this ransomware find it hard to remove Police Central e-crime Unit because it locks everything. If you have also been infected with it, follow these steps:

  1. Use another PC to connect the Internet and download Combofix.
  2. Take the USB flash drive/memory stick and transfer your program there.
  3. Reboot your infected PC and start pressing F8 as soon as machine becomes active.
  4. Choose ‘Safe mode with command prompt’.
  5. Stick the USB flash drive with Combofix into your infected machine and launch.
  6. Reboot PC, update anti-virus program you regularly use and scan your PC additionally. In addition, we recommend running a full system scan with Spyhunter, Spyware Doctor and other tools.

UPDATE: As cyber criminals are continuing to release Win32/LockScreen trojan-based viruses, read here to get more information about Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware and Ukash viruses.