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SpyZooka is a popular anti-spyware application produced by Blue Penguin software. The program has been spread around for a while and has always been known as a decent spyware remover. The earlier its versions, however, were not recommended due to serious stability issues, but now it seems that this is no longer an issue. According to its official website, SpyZooka free and paid versions provide 3 step scan, daily spyware updates and unlimited 24/7 phone, email, live chat and remote access support. Besides, it now contains 280,000 signatures of spyware threats and is the only one that guarantees 100% spyware removal. Is it true? Lets download SpyZooka and see what its scanner is made of…

After installing SpyZooka scanner on several, differently infected, computers, we noticed that it is a lightweight application that takes only 5.19MB of PC's memory. It is fast (Quick scan took for us less than 3 minutes while the Full SpyZooka scan was completed in around 15 minutes) and doesn’t use a lot of system resources – CPU usage was almost idle.

In addition, program's testing revealed that it does a great job in detecting spyware and other viruses, so you can easily fix PC with SpyZooka. We also tried it on a clean system in order to make sure that it doesn’t generate false positives and program did a great job too. However, we must say that SpyZooka scan is not solely signature-based and these claims that you can receive “100% spyware removal guarantee” while using it are clearly exaggerated…

SpyZooka offers a live protection module, called SpyGuard and gives people an opportunity to choose which applications should be automatically allowed to run or blocked. By the way, you can also schedule its scans.

So, why should I download SpyZooka?

Overall, this program is a great little anti-spyware program, which sells for $29.95. Once you decide to purchase it, you can receive a SpyZooka bonus – a list of computer and Internet tips. However, you can choose to download its free trial version that allows checking computer for free. It might not be the greatest of the greatest, but it is still pretty reliable.

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