Rockstar Games hack led to major GTA 6 source code and video leak

GTA 6 gameplay videos and source code have been leaked after a hacker breached the Rockstar Game's Slack server

GTA gameplay videos leakedSource code and videos leaked on GTA forums after a hack

The hacker accessed the Confluence wiki and Rockstar Game's Slack server. Due to this, videos and source code of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay got leaked on GTA forums.[1] Threat actor named teapotuberhacker shared a link to the RAR archive containing these 90 videos stolen from the server. Videos appear to be created by the developer debugging various features in the game. These include camera angles, NPC tracking, and locations in Vice City. Some of the stolen videos contain voiced conversations between the hero and other NPCs.

The hacker potentially responsible for this breach claims to have stolen GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, GTA 6 testing build. The person tries to extort Rockstar Games officials to prevent the larger data breach.[2] The hacker claims that the payment should be made or more data is going to be released publicly. The hacker stated to accept offers of over $10,000 for the GTA 5 source code and assets but not selling the GTA 6 source code right now.

Rockstar Games have not acknowledged this incident yet and has not responded to all the media coverage. However, some of the resources claim to have talked with people in the company and that the leak is confirmed to be valid and real.[3]

Doubts about the incident and hacker responsibility claims

Many users in the forum where these videos have been posted have provided disbelief that the hack was even real. The threat actor wanted to prove the fact and claimed that he was the one responsible for the cyberattack on Uber too.[4] Leaked screenshots of the source code from both the Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto 6 were posted to provide further proof for the forum users.

These leaked videos have made their way to YouTube and Twitter, and forum users captured the content and spread the data online. The company, however, issued DMCA infringement notices and took down requests to get those videos from social media and other portals online. These requests and takedowns prove that the leaked videos were really stolen and real.

Unfortunately, these takedowns of media files are not very successful slice the threat actor himself is already leaking the stolen source code and video files on Telegram. The hacker leaked a source code file with 9,500 lines. The particular part is related to executing scripts for various in-game actions.

Links to Uber cyberattack

Last week revealed that the huge breach of Uber data was caused by a supposed 18-year-old hacker.[5] This hacker leaking the gameplay videos and source code parts also claims to be responsible for the Uber breach. The threat actor has not shared details on the methods that helped him to steal information from Rockstar's Slack and Confluence servers. These claims of the hacker cannot be confirmed since the Uber breach is still being investigated.

The particular Uber cyberattack investigations reveal more details. The cybersecurity incident was successful when the threat actor gained access to the company's Slack server and other internal networks and services. This was possible because social engineering attacks on employees resulted in stolen account credentials and gained access. There are not enough details on either of the incidents to determine if those claims are true. Also, the Rockstar Games hack is not yet acknowledged by the company publicly.

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