Same passwords on multiple websites is still a great problem – NVIDIA and Android Forums hacked

Same passwords on multiple websites is still a great problem – NVIDIA and Android Forums hackedAs you must have heard for thousands of times, you should NEVER use the same passwords on multiple websites. The use of the same passwords is a huge problem among Internet users that leads to the possibility of getting hacked in many places. However, the latest news from NVIDIA and Android forums have revealed that users haven’t learned this lesson and still allow hackers easily gain the access to their different personal information.

According to NVIDIA authorities, they have been made to close one their forums, NVIDIA Developer Zone, because of the latest hacker attack. During this attack hackers seem to have used members’ hashed passwords. This graphics technology company now reports that they are investigating this problem and are trying to restore all security functions of the forum. In addition, they highly recommend its memebers to change the password if you don’t want to give another chance for Internet hackers.

Last week was also unsuccessful for Android smartphones’ fans that have lost important data saved on Phandroid’s One forth of its million usernames, passwords and other data has been hashed according to its administrators. As it is guessed, this forum has also been hacked for trying to steal email addresses to spam.

Besides, Yahoo Voices, Formspring,, eHarmony and LinkedIn should also be included into the category of hackers targeted places.

Make sure you use different passwords for different websites and always ensure that they are hard to guess.


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