Scammer attacks against not stopping

Rogue software developer and known scammer releases fake claims about 2-spyware involvement aiming to wreck the reputation

False claims about 2-spyware and site creatorsUntruthful information about and rogue software developers surfaced online. Recent months showed that some scammers, hackers, and questionable program developers aim to sabotage our name online.[1] There are ransomware threats, scammy pages, and social media posts that claim various things about our competence, and our team in general, tries to bash the name of our writers, and questions the sincerity of the content we create.

We have received a letter that tries to spread rogue software named GroffoAV, which is fakely signed by Ugnius Kiguolis. Ugnius is the owner of and many other projects, which run over the internet for more than 20 years leading the market and showing an impeccable reputation. We have been here for too long to play games like this, but unfortunately, some low self-esteem hackers probably do not have other things to do. Some reports about a program named 2spyware Malware Hunter surfaced recently. Nothing more than a fake.

Such claims aim to spoil the name of a person that has nothing to do with these activities and software creators. This is also illegal to claim about non-existent relations and associations that are not true. The letter also includes offering to check the program for 7 days and a download link on a platform that is a free place to build your site online. The downloaded file is executable to GroffoAV that is detected[2] by real and trustworthy anti-malware tools as a dangerous software piece. The download website is already down, so will be the rest.

The email with fake informationThe message states about Ugnius - our writer and false relations to the AV program.

Rogue Antivirus GroffoAV that offer virus detection and removal is a scam

GroffoAV is a rogue program that allegedly should provide functions that help with fighting malicious programs. The site that provided the program's download stated about malware detection, removal features, offered technical support, and promised fixes for hard to eliminate viruses.[3] Do not get involved – there is no GroffoAV.

File downloading triggered from a rogue websiteDownloading form that loads a suspicious launch file for the rogue AV.

Even a GroffoSoft blog has appeared to steal our content. The software that is named 2-spyware Malware Hunter is not related to our services, affiliates, creators, writers, or any other developers that have sponsored our site or that we have written about. 2-spyware will ensure that all the fraudulent websites, fake anti-virus programs, and other attempts to trash the site's reputation are taken down.

Detection rates of fake AV toolsMalware removal programs that claim to offer reliable services are not trustworthy based on VirusTotal results.

False claims about the company – waste of time trying to sabotage content creators

As writers and content creators, we try to inform people about risks and security issues, so they can keep their devices virus-free and avoid serious damage to the device. Scammers, software creators, other security site developers who try to put us down using different strategies are actually giving us compliments. There is no need to fight someone who has no power and no authority. The scammers who cannot live alongside us are showing the importance of our website. And we are here to fight them back.

2-spyware is always sincere and trying to be truthful. Our writers' team do research and analyze programs, websites, incidents we write about. All the mistakes that are done or facts that do not match the reality gets checked and changed accordingly when the mistakes occur. We are not developing or distributing any software. There are affiliate programs, sponsored content, and some programs that we promote or offer on our site. All the details about our relations and services can be found in Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc.

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