Scammers are trying new tactics to fight

Cybercriminals are getting even more innovative when they fight against 2-spyware and spread fake information

Scammers are spreading false informationOnce again, scammers are spreading false information about

We have been under attack for almost half a year now. The game seems to be never-ending with new rules coming up all the time. There were times of fake ransomware with our name. It was made using a free ransomware code that was created for learning purposes. The photo of our Ceo was used on the cover and made all the legitimate antispyware websites get in contact with us asking what's going on. Well, not that much, just someone is fighting against us, for no reason in the past, and probably no purpose in the future.

Now when most of their guns have already been put on the table, they are using new tactics. The Ceo of Ugnius Kiguolis is used for various scam actions. He is not only “making fake software”, now he is spreading fake news and insults other people. Everyone knows is a joke and no one believes that because Ugnius has been an authority for so many years in this market and it's not easy to ruin the name like his. However, rumors have wings and we have to answer each of them.

We do not insult people. We respect hackers. We fight against malware.

Cybercriminals are constantly trying to sabotage our website's name online. Scam webpages,[1], and posts on social media that tried to spread rumors about our competence, the content of our page, and even tarnish our authors' names have been their methods. This time they are using Twitter to spread fake messages. It's not even sure whether this is still a joke or there is really someone who has nothing else to do. The emails we are getting would make everyone laugh and it's not stopping whatever we do. Anything we say gets interpreted on the contrary.

One hacker impersonates our friend and sends information about the other ones. Then just a day after he is already against us. The other day he is a friend again. Well, he probably did not decide yet who he is. The problem is that he is fighting. And obviously like he does not know what he is doing, he does not know who he must fight with. We explained that we won't work with cybercriminals gang and we can't work with people who are spreading lies. But they don't hear anything.

Attempts to destroy 2-spyware reputation began in the summer

All false information, DDoS attacks,[2], and other methods started some months ago when CyberWare decided to declare war against They used Twitter to deliver their accusations[3] but the gang also has a “CyberWare Blog” website. The first message on Twitter looked like that:

Greetings world, We are #Anonymous!

We have declared total cyberwar against
ran by
for their scams on innocent people.

Let us teach you a lesson you'll never forget.

Dont fuck with the internet and the internet wont fuck with you.


This team doesn't try to provide any true evidence or listen to us. Like with its previous victims, CyberWare only acts according to its beliefs. The information that CyberWare spreads about us is false because our website is not a scam.

False information about 2-spyware may continue, but we won't give up

We guess that DDoS attacks, threats, and fake information on social media may continue in the future. As reliable writers, we try to help people solve security issues and inform about cybersecurity risks. It is still unclear why someone wants to attack us but acting like that cybercriminals only gives us a boost to work even harder.

2-spyware is a reliable website. Our team analyzes websites, malware, and programs to get our customers the best reviews of what we found out. We work for everyone to be safe online for more than 20 years. In case you see some suspicious information about us, just ignore it. That is most likely written with bad intentions and hoping to harm our reputation.

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