The long anticipated Flash Player update is here!

Flash software is used by millions of PC users each day, so there is no surprise why hackers are working hard to find its security flaws and use them to infect systems with viruses. It seems that the latest of such flaws helped these bad guys infect more than 1 billion PC users. They were attacked by a seriously dangerous ransomware virus, which encrypts valuable information and demands a ransom in exchange for it. Fortunately, Adobe Systems has already presented a needed update for Flash Player to fix the security flaw. Make sure you download it to avoid ransomware.

Unfortunately, but thousands of Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux users have already been infected with ransomware via this Flash vulnerability. If you are familiar with such malware, you will know the major viruses, such as CryptoWall, Locky, TeslaCrypt, and the worldwide damage they inflicted. In addition to that, the Japanese company Trend Micro Inc has also warned about the ransomware called Cerber virus, which was also noticed to spread via the program vulnerability since 31 March.

Moreover, according to other group of security researchers, the virus can also spread via an exploit kit called “zero day.” This exploit kit successfully slips into a system without getting detected. It poses quite a challenge for security specialists since they struggle to create efficient termination ways. Some have been convinced that a “zero day” is the main tool used by ransomware developers, but, in reality, it is more frequently employed for spying. nevertheless, such increase in ransomware reflects the genius abilities of their creators. Kyrk Storer, a spokesman for FireEye Inc, stated that “the deployment of a ‘zero day’ highlights potential advancement by cyber criminals. We have observed ransomware and crimeware deployed via ‘zero-day’ before; however, it is rare.”

All in all, Flash Player software has always been a popular target for cyber criminals to distribute their malicious “products.” It has already been a subject used to infected systems with trojans, computer worms and similar attackers. The main problem is that there are still infected software versions roaming all over the internet. To stay safe, don’t waste your time and update your Flash to its latest version.

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