Stay safe online - 2018-07-15

Foamer removal steps

Foamer is a computer worm that spreads through network. Foamer is a virus that infiltrates your PC for malicious purposes.More
Viruses Worms   July 05, 2018  

Uninstalling Koobface (27)

Koobface worm proliferates and makes astounding profit for its owners. More
Viruses Worms   December 28, 2017  

Getting rid of EternalRocks worm

EternalRocks worm exploits seven Windows SMB exploits to infect vulnerable computer systems. More
Viruses Worms   May 24, 2017  

What is Conficker.C (1)

Conficker worm is an old virus which continues its malicious activity. More
Viruses Worms   April 21, 2017  

Uninstalling Iglamer

What is Iglamer worm and what activities does it do on an infected computer? More
Viruses Worms   May 31, 2015  


This is an Internet worm. It may spread via e-mail attachments or through some networks or vulnerable programs.More
Viruses Worms   May 31, 2015  


This is an Internet worm. It uses several ways to infect your system.More
Viruses Worms   May 31, 2015  


Worm Silver is a dangerous parasite, which spreads by e-mail and via IRC channels.More
Viruses Worms   May 31, 2015  


Dangerous worm Fix2001 spreads in the Internet by e-mail and infects computers with Windows operating system .More
Viruses Worms   May 30, 2015  


Worm Girls spreads in IRC networks using client software. After computer gets infected, it places its files on hard disk modifying mIRC program's settings so it could send the worm to other users.More
Viruses Worms   May 30, 2015  

Godmessage Worm

Godmessage Worm is a worm written in Visual Basic language and spreads through email.More
Viruses Worms   May 30, 2015  

Terminate W32.Mydoom

W32.Mydoom is a dangerous worm, which is spread via mass-mailing campaigns.More
Viruses Worms   May 29, 2015  

Jenxcus virus

Jenxcus virus is a malicious worm, which is actively used for infecting computers and then stealing personal information that is kept on them.More
Viruses Worms   July 01, 2014  


Zelda is an Internet worm, which spreads via IRC networks. Once executed, it starts its malicious work, which is mainly used to steal personal information from the user.More
Viruses Worms   September 24, 2013  

Kelihos Worm

Kelihos Worm is a dangerous cyber infection, which has been infecting computers for a long time.More
Viruses Worms   April 24, 2013  
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