The Fappening 2018: Danielle Lloyd's nude pictures are finally exposed

The Fappening 2018 continues leaking intimate images of the former Miss England and Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd became the victim of the Fappening 2018The Fappening 2018 has revealed several private pictures of the glamour model Danielle Lloyd.

The famous glamour model Danielle Lloyd confirms that her iCloud account has been hacked in the Twitter post on June 6, 2018[1]. The intimate photographs have been uploaded to the cloud storage for the backup purposes. Unfortunately, hackers behind the Fappening are more than eager to disrupt celebrities' privacy.

I won’t be made to feel embarrassed but thankful the website has been taken down already.

The website which has initially posted the pictures has removed the content with personal images. D. Lloyd has employed lawyers to help her deal with this privacy-related issue. Besides, the star was spotted leaving a police station on June 14, so it is believed that she has reported on the incident and the investigation should be started.

Not the first time when model's iCould is hacked

Danielle Lloyd has become the victim of the Fappening not for the first time. In 2017 the iCloud account of the model has been hacked, and eight different photographs were exposed. Some of them revealed a full nude body of the star. Although, the images were removed from multiple pages when D. Lloyd contacted the law enforcement.

Model's spokesman has reported the following at that time[2]:

Police are investigating how these images were taken from her private and personal iCloud – seemingly from a Jihad website who Danielle has been a victim of and terrorized by for some time <…>

The attackers were not found. However, websites which uploaded the private pictures of Danielle Lloyd were forced to face the consequences of their actions. Thus, the images were deleted.

Danielle Lloyd is not the only one dealing with hackers from the Fappening

The latest victim of the Fappening 2018 was Shona McGarty when criminals hacked her iCloud as well[3]. Photographs revealed the star nude in the bathtub and on her bed. Likewise, the 34-year-old model, Danielle explained her concerns about her and everyone's security in the Twitter post[4].

Anyone finding this funny well shame on you! your personal stuff should be safe @Apple

The company has not replied to such claims just yet. However, it is worth to keep in mind that the Fappening 2018 doesn't seem to have an end, forcing such high profile stars as Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, Kate Upton, and many others to deal with privacy-related issues[5].

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