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csrss.exe is a standard file, which runs in Windows systems. This process is necessary to help Windows operate properly. Users should never stop or terminate this process using Windows Task Manager, because this may cause very serious Windows operational errors, such as Black Screen of Death and similar issues. csrss.exe file is usually located in C:\Windows\System32 folder and takes about 4,000 - 7,000 bytes of disc space. This file is also known as a Windows Client Server Runtime Process and is responsible for managing the majority of the graphical instruction sets under the Microsoft Windows operating system.


Sometimes viruses and other cyber threats may be named just like legitimate Windows processes. csrss.exe is a legitimate and essential file of Windows, therefore, hackers often use this name for naming their own viruses. If you noticed that there are more than two csrss.exe processes running on your Windows system, there are huge chances that your computer was affected by W32.Backdoor.Sokacaps, Spy Software 4 Parents, KidWatcher, Key Logger Buddy Pro, ICE Remote Spy and many other viruses. You should waste no time and check the file with some reliable security tools in order to make sure that computer is safe. This is also recommended after noticing that csrss.exe is negatively affecting your computer. In order to check the trustworthiness of csrss.exe, you should scan it with RegCure Pro.

Verdict - status of the file:

diagnosis required
2-spyware.com research center gathers and checks all information related to csrss.exe. We ask ourselves the questions like: Do this file pose a threat? Does the filename is exploited by Malware? and other. The final status of the file is purely our opinion.
DIAGNOSIS REQUIRED status means that this filename is exploited by the viruses. There can be the
dangerous file with the same name as the safe file. Use the Advice below:


If your Computer seems Sluggish, or you see some unwanted Advertisements, redirects to the strange websites, then we recommend you to scan the system with reputable anti-spyware program. Do some FREE scan tests and you will see if there are some unwanted applications, whitch might be responsible for the tab stability of the system.
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i cant find the folder information update under program file? now what should i do?
If you cannot seem to get rid of this file because it keeps coming back after a reboot, locate a folder in your Program Files folder called Information Update and delete this first. The file inside it iu.exe checks for the existense of the csrss.exe file and recreates it if it has been deleted.
Can I just DELETE Csrss???
slows your computer down like crazy..cant enable any of my norton anti virus scanning features...closes virus scan automaticly when launched..cant sign in to windows or msn messenger and once agian automaticly closes msconfig when you click on the startup tab...does anyone no how to get rid of it
This nasty little piece of work will not allow you to preview your desktop background if you choose a picture in JPEG format. However, it will syill allow you to use JPEG pictures as backgrounds.

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