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After some critics from various companies Viewpoint changed its privacy policy:
From the publishers privacy policy:
"AT NO TIME WHATSOEVER does the Viewpoint Media Player or the Viewpoint Manager collect ANY personal data about you or your usage patterns, nor do we install third-party software or access information on your hard drive. The auto-update process happens totally anonymously and happens solely to ensure that your player is up-to-date. Since we do not collect personal data, there is no way - as in the case of "spyware" - to "traffic" or sell your personal information. We as a company find spy ware to be reprehensible and we are committed to protecting the privacy of all of our users."

Conclusion: VIEWPOINT IS A LEGITIMATE APPLICATION. ViewPoint Media Player properties:
• Stays resident in background

Automatic ViewPoint Media Player removal:

It might be that we are affiliated with any of our recommended products. Full disclosure can be found in our Agreement of Use.
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What to do if you failed to remove the infection?
If you failed to remove ViewPoint Media Player using Spyware Doctor, read here how to submit a support ticket or submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.

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We are testing STOPzilla's efficiency at removing ViewPoint Media Player (2012-03-16 20:57:15)
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Malwarebytes Anti Malware
We are testing Malwarebytes Anti Malware's efficiency at removing ViewPoint Media Player (2012-03-16 20:57:15)
XoftSpySE Anti Spyware
We are testing XoftSpySE Anti Spyware's efficiency at removing ViewPoint Media Player (2012-03-16 20:57:15)
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Geolocation of ViewPoint Media Player

This map reveals the prevalence of ViewPoint Media Player. Countries and regions that have been affected the most are: United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany.

QR code for ViewPoint Media Player removal instructions

ViewPoint Media Player qrcode QR is short for Quick Response. They can be read quickly by the mobile phones. QR codes can store more data than standard barcodes, including url links, geo coordinates, and text.
The reason we add QR code to the website is that parasites like ViewPoint Media Player are really hard to remove on infected computer. you can quicly scan the QR code with your mobile device and have manual removal instructions to uninstall ViewPoint Media Player right in your pocket.
Simply use the QR scanner and read removal instructions from mobile device.

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Information updated: 2012-03-16 18:20

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Users comments about ViewPoint Media Player:

it wont let me delete AxMetaStream.dll it say sanother program is using it and try again after i remove those... any help???
I had the same issue...and through logic thought that is AIM installed it, it might be using it. I closed AOL and was able to delete the file without issue.
I removed Viewpoint Media Player from add and remove program, but then I could not delete the additional files associated with it.
Thak you so much to the clever person who suggested removing AIM. That does the trick.

Only problem is, that it still displays viewpoint toolbar option in internet explorer.

Damn viewpoint has screwed up my computer. I hate AOL.
Tried a search for them dlls, but theyr not there. I did though remove the program from my control panel..
A note: I was greeted this morning by a nice little widow informing me that 'viewpoint meida player has been updated, search for new updates?" - and this machine only has the "SWFView.dll" on it.
Based on my experience with other machines here, it seems that until you "search for updates", the other files aren't installed.
This pest lies in 3 areas besides the Add/Remove programs. In the programs file directly, also in the Windows folder under: All users/Applications Data, And the main program is in the programs folder in Aol/jiti.
Same thing happened to me, I got a nice, random message saying Update, from Viewpoint Media Player. I promptly restarted computer, restored computer to 3 weeks before, and deleted all files related to Viewpoint. I also got rid of AIM, it was the cause and is so crappy to put spyware on my machine.
I had this on my old computer, I let one of my parents use my computer to be nice and they freaked out when the update thing appeared (I was killing it with Cntrl alt del) and the other one promised to get rid of it, then okayed the evil task bar update. Thankfully I stopped them when it appeared this time round on my new comp, I didn't know AIM caused it, so far as I know it didn't used to, but thanks, very helpful comments here. I'm going to let my friends know about this.
Welcome Mlzullig ...

Connecting to server. Please wait...

Connected to

Welcome to America Online's customer service, a customer service consultant will be with you shortly.

TechLiveGISH has joined this session!

Hello, Marj. Welcome to Live Technical Support. My name is Gary.

Mlzullig stated the question or problem as: How do I completely and forever remove "Viewpoint Media Player"? I understand this parasite is from AIM..

Are you signed on with the same computer that you need assistance with?

You say, Yes

TechLiveGISH says, Could you please elaborate the issue that you are experiencing? I will make sure that you receive

all necessary help.

You say, Viewpoint Media Player cannot be removed through Add/Delete or from purchased Spyware programs.

You say, I have tried "Add/Remove," the spyware provided through AOL, and additional spyware that I have purchased


You say, I have even tried to delete the separate files that are suggested on the internet. I have been told this comes from AOL Instant Messenger.

TechLiveGISH says, Thank you for the information.

TechLiveGISH says, Could you please tell me what happens when you try to remove by using add/remove program.

You say, Supposedly it removes the program but as soon as I shut down and reboot, the program appears again.

You say, Here is the URL for a website that I purchased additional software from to try and remove this - www.2-

TechLiveGISH says, Thank you for the information.

TechLiveGISH says, Are you trying to uninstall it when you are offline?

You say, I've tried to uninstall it online and offline.

TechLiveGISH says, Thank you for the information.

You say, I have never downloaded it though so why do I have it?

TechLiveGISH says, I will explain this to you,

You say, Ok

TechLiveGISH says, Viewpoint Media Player is an important file that is required by AOL.

You say, Then why does it show up as a parasite?

You say, Also, why has it just started showing up and I've never had this file before even though I've been with AOL for several years?

You say, Hello?

TechLiveGISH says, I apologize for the delay in responding to you. I'm evaluating the best possible course of action to take in resolving your concern. Thank you for your patience.

You say, This isn't difficult. This file is a parasite, it comes from AOL, people do not want it. How do I get rid of it permanently?

TechLiveGISH says, Please understand that it is not a parasite.

You say, What exactly is it for?

TechLiveGISH says, It is a file required by AOL media player.

You say, I already have a media player and didn't ask for another one.

You say, Just tell me how to get rid of this file, please.

TechLiveGISH says, Click START, then click CONTROL PANEL. Click the TOOLS menu, then click FOLDER OPTIONS. Click the VIEW tab, select SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS, then click OK.

TechLiveGISH says, Click ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS. Select Viewpoint Media Player (Remove Only), then click CHANGE/REMOVE. Click YES.

You say, I've done that numerous times, as I've already told you, and it doesn't work.

TechLiveGISH says, The Viewpoint media player is an integrated part of the AOL software and is required to run certain applications and that is the reason it installs again.

You say, What applications exactly is it required to run?

You say, Why can't Microsoft Media Player (or any other player) be used instead?

TechLiveGISH says, Features like AOL desktop, themes, buddy icons and many other features function due to it.

TechLiveGISH says, The function of Viewpoint media player is not exactly like Windows Media Player.

You say, Why has it never been there before?

TechLiveGISH says, Is has always been a part of AOL software but it is possible that it may be corrupt on your software and that is the reason you may be receiving some sort of error related to View point media player.

You say, In other words, it's all for AOL Instant Messaging?

TechLiveGISH says, Not only for instant messaging but also for AOL desktop themes.

You say, Well, let's start this again. AOL put a file on my computer that I didn't ask for, cannot remoeve, and may be corrupt. Get rid of it!

TechLiveGISH says, Let me explain this to you.

TechLiveGISH says, Do you use Microsoft Windows operating system?

You say, yes

TechLiveGISH says, Which is the feature you like in it the most?

You say, I have no idea. Just tell me how to get rid of this file!

TechLiveGISH says, Just like in Microsoft Windows there are many files working in the background to serve you all the features although you may not be aware which files they are, similarly there are also files responsible for the AOL software to function.

TechLiveGISH says, Viewpoint is one of them.

TechLiveGISH says, It cannot be permanently removed.

You say, Thank you so much for wasting my time and being absolutely no help whatsoever!

TechLiveGISH says, You're welcome.

The session has ended!
Viewpoint has its own removal. Just right click on the eye icon in the top right,scroll down to uninstall, it asks you to complete a survey(you can choose not to) and download the uninstaller. Reboot and it is gone. Then go in control panel, add/remove programs and make sure its not in the list.
I downloaded the free trial of scanspyware from and it listed every registry key that was associated with viewpoint media player. It won't delete them unless you buy the product, but it tells you the location of the keys and you can delete them yourself. After that, I uninstall scanspyware and find its reg. keys and delete them.
Check out the MetaStreamID.ini file:
InstallID = AdobeAtmosphere
EULA_Agreed = 1

Policy = Adobe
InstallLoc =

Policy = Adobe
InstallLoc =

Policy = Adobe
I booted into safe mode w/ command prompt and deleted the files. But they managed to come back.
i complained to aol about viewpoint media player telling them i was cancelling my broadband contract 3 mionths into it because of this spyware. the reply was its not spyware its adware was said to me. the guy said he was indian and didnt understand english very well. my complaints have worked and i no longer have viewpoint because they swent me some update and seems to be gone

Unicast privacy policy contains a statement concerning 3rd party cookies that is very alarming. Other than some of the fortune 500 clients, Unicast has had some very interesting past clients that are listed as adware/spyware. Viewpoint can NOT take my computer to make money.

Advertising content delivered via the Unicast SUPERSTITIAL system may contain third-party cookies. Advertisers, and third party companies acting on behalf of advertisers (such as an ad serving company or an ad agency), use third-party cookies to judge the effectiveness of and target their SUPERSTITIAL ad campaigns.

While Unicast's SUPERSTITIAL format delivers the ad content which may allow a third-party cookie to be set, such cookies are not within Unicast's control and the information they collect is reported back to the third party directly, not through Unicast. Third-party cookies are placed and tracked by the advertiser or by a third-party company. Unicast does not have the access to the information tracked by third-party cookies.

Most third-party cookies anonymously track the Web browsing habits of users and their interactions with the ads they view. However, users should be aware that some cookies can collect other types of information, including personally identifiable information.

While Unicast itself does not have access to the information tracked by third-party cookies set through SUPERSTITIAL advertisements, there are cases when the third party may agree to share such information with Unicast. Such information sharing is done on an aggregate and anonymous basis, and does not include any personally indentifiable information collected by the third party.

The issue of third party cookies is a matter between the users and the advertisers and/or the third party company representing the advertiser, not involving Unicast. This information is provided by Unicast as a service to users who may be unaware of third party cookies.
I know that deleting VMP from Remove/Add, and deleting the reg. keys would probably remove the program, but what if I want to keep using AIM?
I heard that AIM would malfunction if some of the files relating with VMP were deleted.
shoot, I hate AOL!!
I will uninstall AIM because of this crap. There are better Messenger Tools (for example GAIM) with no Spyware included. I just hope enough people will do the same to make AOL understand they should never oblige us to acceppt spyware on our systems.
Furious Chicken
I do NOT, nor have ever used AIM and just got the popup to update VMP, the most recent install II did was Microsoft Media Player 10. That was some time ago though.
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