Stay safe online - 2020-09-26

Facebook judged for its privacy controls

An independent, nonprofit, US product-testing organization called Consumer Reports released a report, that estimated 13 million US Facebook users don't use or don't even know about this social network's privacy controls.More
Articles General   May 04, 2012  

5 Data Recovery Myths That Leads To Data Loss

Data recovery should be a concern for organizations to protect their data from future loss.More
Articles General   May 03, 2012  

What makes your computer run slowly?

Malware is a huge problem these days. It's not quite surprising to hear recommendations to run anti-virus/anti-spyware scan when someone complains of a slow computer.More
Articles General Tutorials   December 01, 2008  

Common mistakes that jeopardize computer security (2)

There are plenty of computer parasites created; every email inbox is targeted by spam and people can read about online scam schemes almost every day.More
Articles General Security   October 31, 2008  

Can malware tactics be used for good effects?

Computer parasites are evil. No one likes them and almost everyone can share terrible experience related to some malware attack.More
Articles General Internet Security   May 07, 2008  

Personal details may be obtained by cyber attackers

Australia’s finally realizing the threats of cyber attacks to the country’s government institutions and business sector, which were attacked dozens of times this year, and now it’s raising concerns about the safety of personal and financial data of users. More
Articles General Security Vulnerabilities   October 17, 2007  

Five dirty tricks (in a row)

The obvious problem with cyber-crime is that, unlike decent murdering and burglarizing criminals, they are intelligent enough to make a fool of you and your anti-viral software by using insidious methods, which are difficult to recognize.More
Articles General Internet Security   September 28, 2007  

Modern Security Threats

Malware creators no longer distribute viruses that erase your data or corrupt something in your computer.More