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The best malware removal software of 2017

What are the best malware removal programs of 2017? Researches show that cyber crime is a rapidly growing and ever-changing area of crime, which is definitely a major concern today.More
News Tutorials   December 21, 2016  

Why do I need backup and what options do I have for that?

Months after months, security experts have been reporting that ransomware cases are growing at a steady rate and that there is no chance that hackers will stop distributing these viruses.More
Articles News Tutorials   April 24, 2015  

Facebook: 4 security tips that you may not know

There is no question that Facebook is the only social network that likes updates so much.More
Articles Tutorials   June 27, 2014  

How to avoid adware or potentially unwanted program (PUP)?

Day-by-day, 2spyware researchers work on testing different programs.More
Articles Tutorials   February 07, 2014  

How to get rid of Aw, Snap! error message? (3)

Many people on the Internet report about Aw, Snap! error message.More
Articles Tutorials   January 30, 2014  

How to block Project Free TV ads?

Several years ago, the idea about watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl or Twilight during the lunch break for some people was only a dream.More
Articles Tutorials   January 14, 2014  

5 steps to make sure that you are secure on public Wi-Fi Hotspot

According to recent studies, people still don't bother to think about public Wi-Fi hotspots and their security.More
Articles Tutorials   November 18, 2013  

How to start Safe Mode on Windows 8 (2)

Windows 8 has been available for more than half a year, so its normal that scammers have modified their viruses to get ability to attack this operating system easily.More
Articles Tutorials   May 11, 2013  

How to see hidden files (1)

If you don't see your files, you may have accidentally modified or deleted them.More
Articles Tutorials   April 03, 2012  

DNS Changer Removal Guide (2)

Recently federal authorities arrested six Estonians, who were running a virus called DNS Changer.More
Tutorials   February 13, 2012  

What makes your computer run slowly?

Malware is a huge problem these days. It's not quite surprising to hear recommendations to run anti-virus/anti-spyware scan when someone complains of a slow computer.More
Articles General Tutorials   December 01, 2008  

Blocking Spyware Using the HOSTS File

Blocking the unwanted content in your HOSTS file may sound challenging, but the truth is that even an inexperienced user can do it in just a few of seconds. More
Articles Internet Security Tutorials   January 21, 2008  

Killing malicious processes and removing harmful files (5)

Table of contents. Introduction I. Find the process and try terminating it + Alternative steps for finding and terminating the process II.More
Articles Tutorials   January 09, 2007  

CounterSpy tutorial (1)

Table of contents. Introduction Installing CounterSpy Starting CounterSpy for the first time Using CounterSpy Using CounterSpy real-time protection Conclusion Introduction CounterSpy is a powerful spyware remover based on revolutionary hybrid engine, which incorporates traditional anti-spyware and advance... More
Articles Tutorials   July 15, 2006  

SmitRem tutorial (1)

Table of contents Introduction Installing smitRem Starting smitRem Using smitRem to remove Smitfraud and its variants Conclusion IntroductionsmitRem is a stand-alone tool designed to remove some widely spread parasites from the compromised computer.More
Articles Tutorials   February 22, 2006