Stay safe online - 2018-05-26

Rundll32.exe information

Rundll32.exe file is often a target for hackers. Rundll32.exe is a legitimate Microsoft Windows OS process, which does not negatively affect system's performance.More
Files System files   February 15, 2018  

Do I need to remove minergate.exe?

minergate.exe - a component of illegal cryptocurrency miner. More
Files Spyware related   February 14, 2018  

Utorrentie.exe explanation

utorrentie.exe - a file that is responsible for delivering ads on your computer’s screen. More
Files Spyware related   February 14, 2018  

Understanding SystemProcess.exe file and its importance

SystemProcess.exe - a dangerous file which is related to . SystemProcess.exe file is a dangerous executable file which is closely related to cryptocurrency miner.More
Files Spyware related   February 07, 2018  

File IntelService.exe definition

IntelService.exe CPU Miner can reduce PC's performance significantly. More
Files Spyware related   February 02, 2018  

Is Intelmain.exe a safe file?

Intelmain.exe file belongs to CPU Miner. Intelmain.exe is a dangerous file that is responsible for mining cryptocurrency.More
Files Spyware related   February 02, 2018  

Do I need to remove Mbamservice.exe?

Mbamservice.exe might cause high CPU usage due to the corrupted update. More
Application files Files   January 29, 2018  

Consent.exe explanation

consent.exe - a legitimate file of Windows operating system. More
Files System files   January 26, 2018  

Define Securedisk.exe file. Do I need it?

Securedisk.exe uses enormous amount of computer’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency. More
Files Spyware related   January 25, 2018  

Define Chrome.exe file. Do I need it?

Chrome.exe process can either be legitimate or malicious. Chrome.exe is a computer process which is run by Google Chrome.More
Files Spyware related   January 24, 2018  

Define GrillaPrice.exe file. Do I need it?

GrillaPrice.exe file should not be on your Windows computer. More
Files Spyware related   January 23, 2018  

Rstrui.exe explanation

rstrui.exe – legitimate file that belongs to Windows OS. rstrui.exe is an executable that is a part of Windows operating system.More
Files System files   January 22, 2018  

Define WebHelper.dll file. Do I need it?

WebHelper.dll is the main process of WebHelper software. WebHelper.dll is one of the processes that belong to WebHelper adware.More
Files Spyware related   January 19, 2018  

File Itibiti.exe information

Itibiti.exe file is closely related to adware program. Itibiti.exe is a file that is associated with Itibiti Soft Phone and Knctr applications.More
Application files Files   January 12, 2018  

What is msascuil.exe

Msascuil.exe — a file developed by Microsoft Corporation. Msascuil.exe is a safe file which is developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows 10.More
Files System files   January 10, 2018  
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