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Is wextract.exe a safe file?

wextract.exe is a critical component of Windows OS. wextract.exe is a legitimate system file that belongs to Windows operating system.More
Application files Files   June 02, 2017  

Understanding abDocsDllLoader.exe file and its importance

What is abDocsDllLoader.exe file meant for? abDocsDllLoader.exe is an executable file.More
Application files Files   May 11, 2017  

Understanding lsm.exe file and its importance

lms.exe stands for Local Manageability Service. It operates as a legitimate process which is incorporated in Intel-based operating systems.More
Files System files   May 11, 2017  

Is WinSnare.dll a safe file?

WinSnare.dll helps WinSnare execute malicious processes and track user data. More
Files Spyware related   May 09, 2017  

File How to restore files.hta definition

What information does How to restore files.hta file hide? How to restore files.hta is an HTML application that informs about ransomware infection.More
Files   April 03, 2017  

Is gup.exe a safe file?

What gup.exe versions are out there? gup.exe is a legitimate executable file, which is also known as GUP or a free Generic Updater.More
Application files Files   March 27, 2017  

Cookies.sqlite file characteristics

What is the purpose of cookies.sqlite? cookies.sqlite is a legitimate Mozilla Firefox data file that stores cookies in the Firefox profile folder.More
Application files Files   March 20, 2017  

What is sexec.exe

What does sexec.exe file do on the system? Seeing the sexec.exe file on the computer may inform about serious cyber infection.More
Files Spyware related   March 15, 2017  

Setup.dat explained

Does setup.dat file require your attention? Setup.dat file might be associated with a trojan called Minicom virus.More
Files Spyware related   March 02, 2017  

Is Worm.exe a safe file?

All you need to know about Worm.exe file on your desktop. Worm.exe is a malicious executive file that is usually associated with Dharma ransomware.More
Files Spyware related   February 22, 2017  

Scanda.exe file characteristics

What does Scanda.exe file do on the system? Scanda.exe is one of the two executable files that are associated with Dharma ransomware virus.More
Files   February 22, 2017  

Close.js explained

How dangerous close.js file is? Close.js is a dangerous JavaScript file which is closely related to Spora ransomware virus.More
Files   February 20, 2017  

Sage2decrypter.exe file characteristics

How dangerous is Sage2decrypter.exe? Sage2decrypter.exe file is a malicious executable which is is related to the notorious SAGE ransomware.More
Files Spyware related   February 16, 2017  

Understanding igfxtray.exe file and its importance

Igfxtray.exe file is a useful system component. Igfxtray.exe is a legitimate process running on the Windows operating system and known as The Graphic Accelerator Helper model.More
Files System files   February 13, 2017  

File DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html information

What does DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html file suggest? Encountering DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html file is certainly not good news.More
Files Spyware related   February 10, 2017  
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