Stay safe online - 2018-05-22

What is nsetup.exe

Nsetup.exe process belongs to malware. Nsetup.exe file is associated with malware.More
Files Spyware related   January 08, 2018  

Vulkaninfo.exe explanation

Vulkaninfo.exe is a safe file that helps to enhance the quality of computer games. More
Application files Files   January 03, 2018  

Vulkaninfo32.exe explained

Vulkaninfo32.exe file can also indicate malware. Vulkaninfo32.exe Nvidia is a legitimate additional component of graphics applications used by Vulkan STD.More
Application files Files   December 28, 2017  

File igfxpers.exe definition

Igfxpers.exe might use high CPU power. Igfxpers.exe persistence is a legitimate program which refers to Intel Graphics Resolution Persistence Module and provides additional configuration options.More
Application files Files   December 19, 2017  

Define smss.exe file. Do I need it?

Differences between legit and dangerous Smss.exe file. Smss.exe is an executable for Session Manager Subsystem that belongs to Microsoft Windows operating system.More
Files System files   December 18, 2017  

Understanding Sougoudool.exe file and its importance

Sougoudool.exe process uses lots of CPU to mine cryptocurrency. More
Files Spyware related   December 07, 2017  

What is msvc.exe

Msvc.exe file is used for mining crypto-currency. Msvc.exe belongs to a Trojan horse that is used for mining crypto-currency.More
Files System files   November 23, 2017  

File PIA_NW.exe information

PIA_NW.exe file triggers more questions than gives answers. More
Files   November 22, 2017  

Do I need to remove gplyra.exe?

Finding gplyra.exe in the Task Manager might warn about the infiltration of the miner. More
Files Spyware related   November 22, 2017  

Microsoft.Photos.exe explained

Microsoft.Photos.exe process might be related to malware. Microsoft.Photos.exe is a legit file that belongs to Windows operating system.More
Application files Files   November 17, 2017  

_HELP_INSTRUCTION.TXT file characteristics

_HELP_INSTRUCTION.TXT foreshadows the presence of ransomware. More
Files Spyware related   November 15, 2017  

Do I need Winserv.exe file?

Winserv.exe starts covert Monero crypto-coin mining process. More
Files   November 14, 2017  

File winad.exe information

The winad.exe file might be responsible for flooding the browser with ads. More
Files Spyware related   November 13, 2017  

Define ntvdm.exe file. Do I need it?

Get to know Ntvdm.exe file running on your computer. Ntvdm.exe is a legitimate system process, which belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System.More
Files System files   October 02, 2017  

What is the function of spysetup.exe

The spysetup.exe file is responsible for running threatening tasks on the computer. More
Files Spyware related   October 02, 2017  
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