What is Avgserv9.exe? Should I remove it?

Avgserv9.exe – is a file that belongs to AVG antivirus software

Avgserv9.exe is a process you might find running in the background of your Windows computer. If you are not familiar with it, we are here to explain what it is and what it does. While unknown processes might cause users concern, this time, you shouldn't be worried, as the file belongs to the antivirus suite known as AVG – it's a popular security brand that has been around for years.

Name Avgserv9.exe
Type Application files
Dependency AVG Antivirus
Distribution Comes preinstalled along the security software
Problems High resource usage that causes lag and diminishes computer speed
Resolution If you a program element is causing slowdowns, crashes, or other issues, you can try reinstalling it. If that does not help, you can employ FortectIntego to check your system for Windows file corruption and other issues

The file is a component of an antivirus suite, and its main goal is to monitor background processes and changes within the Windows environment. Malware, unless it's of an advanced type such as fileless infection, usually leaves a trail behind it. This tail is not visible to the user at all, as most of the malware operations are performed almost instantly.

Now, this is where the Avgserv9.exe background monitoring component comes in – it immediately flags the suspicious activity and stops it before the infection can be induced. In other words, without this background process, AVG would not be able to operate properly.

Therefore, you should not try to tamper with this process in any way if you rely on AVG as your main anti-malware tool. Just like any other process, however, it could cause difficulties; for example, it might start consuming too much memory or CPU. In such a case, you should try to reinstall the program and see if that helps.

There are also other solutions for this problem:

Finally, malware could also be disguised under the same background process name. Thus, if you do not use the associated anti-malware software, you should immediately investigate the file and remove it if it is indeed malicious.

How malware authors disguise their malicious processes

There are dozens of processes running in the background of any Windows machine. Some of them belong to the operating system, while others are imported by the installed applications. Just like beneficial processes, malicious ones can be installed and running as well.

Cybercriminals often name the processes related to malware by names that are well established. For example, Svchost.exe is a file that is responsible for hosting various Windows services and helps with the running of DLL files. Since it is a host process, it can also be used by malicious DLL files. Thus, while it is not initially malicious, it might also be when it is hijacked by a malicious program.

This is why it is important to monitor your processes from time to time and ensure that robust anti-malware software is running in the background and preventing anything malicious from being launched in the first place.

Stopping the process might cause application instability

Most background processes can be stopped or disabled from being started in the first place. When a new program is installed, it usually enables a startup item which allows it to be booted every time you boot your machine. This is a normal application behavior, although it can be controlled by the user easily.

In order to disable the process, you need to do the following:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard;
  • Right-click on Avgserv9.exe and select End task;
  • To disable program's startup, go to Startup tab
  • Right-click on the program you want not to be started automatically and select Disable.

Keep in mind that this can lead to serious program instability, so if you are using AVG antivirus as your main protection from malware, you should not touch it at all. Nevertheless, if you doubt this process, you should perform a scan with different security software.

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