Stay safe online - 2018-10-17

Torii botnet outmatches Mirai with its new features

A newly detected botnet is more sophisticated than other IoT botnets. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 28, 2018  

Arran Brewery attack possibly related to Dharma ransomware

One of Dharma ransomware's versions seems to be guilty of hacking Arran's Brewery. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 27, 2018  

Fashion retailer SHEIN revealed data breach that affected 6.4M users

SHEIN reported that millions of customers' data was breached after a successful cyber attack. More
News Security   September 26, 2018  

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats recover from ransomware - $700,000 paid

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats paid over $700,000 to recover their computer systems after last year's ransomware attack. More
News   September 25, 2018  

Multifunctional Virobot malware is not only ransomware

Virobot manages to surprise PC security experts with its numerous functions. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 24, 2018  

Kraken Cryptor 1.5 disguised as SuperAntiSpyware executable

Kraken Cryptor ransomware uses the name of an anti-malware program to trick users into installing it. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 22, 2018  

Pegasus spyware targeting human rights activists in 45 countries

Infamous Pegasus spyware targets phone users in 45 countries. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 21, 2018  

Magecart hacking group is back: Newegg customers' data stolen

Magecart uses same credit card skimming technique to steal data from Newegg customers. More
News Security   September 20, 2018  

Xbash malware acts as ransomware on Linux, mines crypto on Windows

Cryptomining, ransomware and botnet capabilities utilizing Xbash malware targeting Windows and Linux servers. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 19, 2018  

Indian government websites infected with Monero mining malware

Subdomains of the most visited sites in India secretly mine cryptocurrency. More
News Security   September 18, 2018  

Canada's Midland is hit by ransomware and officials will pay ransom

Credit and debit card payments failed due to a ransomware attack in Midland. More
News Security   September 17, 2018  

Safari and Edge browsers infected by a spoofing bug

Hackers used a bug to insert malicious content into Edge's and Safari's address bar. More
News Security   September 15, 2018  

Windows and Linux Kodi add-ons contain Monero mining malware

Popular Kodi media player add-ons have been infected with cryptocurrency mining malware . More
News Viruses and parasites   September 14, 2018  

Tesla Model S Hack: crooks could steal cars in two seconds

Belgian researchers found a way to clone the Tesla Model S car's key fob. More
News Security   September 13, 2018  

Veeam leaves 200 GB customer data open in misconfigured server

Veeam Swiss data management company inadvertently leaks over 440 million email addresses. More
News Security   September 12, 2018  
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