Stay safe online - 2020-04-02

Easily accessible Slickwraps systems lead to a data breach

Slickwraps customers' private data becomes at risk of exposure. More
News Security   February 22, 2020  

MGM data breach reveals personal data of celebrities and CEOs

Data of 10.6 million MGM hotel visitors, including high-profile individuals, posted on the underground hacking forum. More
News Security   February 21, 2020  

Hackers exploit a zero-day vulnerability in a WordPress plugin

A flaw in the ThemeREX Addons allow hackers to create admin accounts and take over vulnerable websites. More
News Security   February 20, 2020  

Crooks, posing as WHO, spread fake Coronavirus awareness messages

Potential victims receive fake email messages from Who asking them to click on a link or download a file. More
News Spam and phishing   February 19, 2020  

Hamas hacker group tried to "catfish" Israeli soldiers on social media

Operation Rebound: fake social media profiles with pictures of young girls used in the attack against Israel Defense Forces members. More
News Spam and phishing   February 18, 2020  

900k records of plastic surgery patients leaked online

NextMotion imaging service left an unprotected S3 bucket exposed. More
News Security   February 17, 2020  

Emotet keeps evolving: trojan can spread by hacking nearby Wi-Fi connections

New day – new Emotet feature: compromised systems allow the trojan to spread using Wi-Fi connections. More
News Viruses and parasites   February 17, 2020  

Nedbank customers beware: 1.7 million affected by data breach

Nedbank third-party service provider Computer Facilities was exploited to steal customer data. More
News Security   February 14, 2020  

Google Play Protect stopped almost 2 billion malicious apps in 2019

Besides blocking malicious apps, Google Play Protect also incorporates Safe Browsing and "Find My Device" features. More
News Security   February 13, 2020  

Cybercrime in 2019: FBI reports $3.5 billion in damages

The bureau has received almost 5 million complaints since May 2000 On February 11, the FBI's IC3 has released a report which compiled data relating to cybercrime in 2019.More
News Spam and phishing   February 12, 2020  

Equifax hack and data breach: four Chinese military members charged

The Justice Department has charged people possibly responsible for the data breach that exposed data of nearly half of all Americans. More
News   February 11, 2020  

Lock My PC developers offer free recovery for tech support scam victims

Lock My PC is not available for public due to frequent misuse by tech support scammers. More
News Spam and phishing   February 10, 2020  

Iranian-linked hackers pose as journalists in the email scam campaign

Charming Kitten hackers sent out fake requests for interviews impersonating New York Times journalists. More
News Spam and phishing   February 08, 2020  

Metamorfo banking Trojan employs new tricks, expands its campaign

Metamorfo malware steals users' passwords with the help of a keylogging trick. More
News Viruses and parasites   February 07, 2020  

Health Share of Oregon vendor GrindWorks experiences data breach

Health Share of Oregon vendor GridWorks had a laptop stolen during an office break-in - it contained Medicaid members' personal information. More
News Security   February 06, 2020  
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