Spyware related issues

Stay safe online - 2020-09-30

Can it be that Revive Adserver is vulnerable?

Revive Adserver is a free ad serving system, which helps companies to display ads on websites and then allows them to collect information about users' reactions.More
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BlackBerry postpones the release of its Messenger for iPhone and Android after a rogue version comes to light (1)

If you are one of BlackBerry fans, you had been been definitely waiting for a middle of September when a BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone and Android was announced to show up.More
News Spyware related issues   September 25, 2013  

Scammers use Skype to spread their Dorkbot worm

If you have received a Skype message, asking something like 'Hey, is this your Skype profile pic?', you should ignore it and never click on a link, which is also included into the body of this message.More

Browser hijackers become more frequent threat (1)

Rogue security tools seem to be the most popular way to fool people and get their money, but the situation might change quite soon.More

Malware rates keep rising up

We could hope for more secure days of the internet to come, if only security researches forecasted anything positive.More

New tool to fight zombie networks came from Microsoft

The damage done by zombie networks grows by days, yet botnets are not easy to stop or even to detect.More

Coming next: crimeware-as-a-service

Security experts warn of new scheme of cyber crimes: crime-as-a-service.More

Malicious software has doubled over 2007 (1)

F-secure counted 250,000 new malware samples over the year 2007, which is the same amount that was counted over the last 20 years .More

Worms are not the major threat anymore (1)

Computer worms used to be the worst malware that could infect a computer some time ago.More

EBay sells spyware (1)

eBay, the most visited commercial site in the UK, apart from legitimate items, such as fluffy bears and the like, has now been reported to be selling hacking kits for anyone who would like to spy on someone’s computer and obtain personal details.More
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Modern Security Threats

Malware creators no longer distribute viruses that erase your data or corrupt something in your computer.More

Bank account numbers make big money online

According to a survey by Symantec, in the trade for personal details collected by cyber-criminals, the most expensive are bank account numbers and are a lot more expensive than credit card details as well as e-mail addresses . More

Meet Bunch of New Spyware Cookies (Removal Guide Included)

We have heard of spyware cookies related to trojans earlier this week.More
Removal guides Spyware related issues   September 14, 2007  

Is China a Home for Internet Crimes?

According to Sophos report, most of malware is made in China.More
News Spyware related issues What's new   September 13, 2007  

Zlob Related Cookies Storm the Internet (Removal Guide Included)

Host-Codec, Freerealitympegs, FreePornMoviesWorld, Hotelcodec, GoCodec, GreatCodec, Micro-Codec, Inc-Codec, Net-Codec, Online-Codec, Nmextensions, Zlob.Playjust.Cookie and Page-Ticket are the names of spyware cookies that have started to infiltrate computers recently.More
Removal guides Spyware related issues   September 11, 2007