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Spyware Cease is a new, but quite effective anti-spyware program. It was designed to remove all kinds of threats and infections, such as spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojans, worms, hijackers, rootkits, password stealers, tracking threats, rogue antispyware and other malware. 2-spyware.com research center had carefully tested Spyware Cease on several computers including already infected systems. The application passed our tests showing quite good results. 

Spyware Cease is presented as outstanding Windows antispyware. The application affectively scans Windows registry, running processes, files and specific locations. Comprehensive scan engine consumes slightly computer resources. The program provides real time protection ensuring that spyware is prevented before it sneaks into the system. It also has Custom Fix feature which is very helpful when infection can not be remove with the latest version of this software. The expert team creates a complete custom fix for specific spyware problems. Spyware Cease allows user to schedule his own scan and removal time. User can scan his PC either manually or on a schedule time. By default, this anti-spyware application checks for update as it starts up. Also updates can ge configurated manually. 

As well as updates, system scan can be customized too. However, the most effective scan seems to be “Deep Scan”. It completely scans system registry and hard drives for spyware programs that are installed on user's PC. Malware definitions database is quite small which is a bit disappoint, because scanning can be quite ineffective against the most recent threats.

Spyware Cease interface design is quite convenient and simple. Users can easily found what they are looking for.

Trial version can be downloaded from the official web site www.spywarecease.com. Purchases of registered commercial version are made via reputable services using a secure connection.

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