Stay safe online - 2017-11-19

661-748-0240 removal (82)

661-748-0240 is a Skype number you should definitely stay away from.More
Dialers Viruses   June 10, 2013  

DyFuCa (4)

Dyfuca is a dialer, which runs at startup and dials to porn servers.More
Dialers Viruses   August 27, 2008  

Removal of Trojan.Dialer.yz (3)

Why is Trojan.Dialer.yz considered to be so dangerous? Trojan.Dialer.yz usually infects the system by exploiting browser security loopholes.More
Dialers Viruses   February 13, 2008  

Terminate Wonderland (1)

Wonderland is a simple ActiveX-controlled dialler originating in Italy. More
Dialers Viruses   April 06, 2004  
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