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Stay safe online - 2022-10-06

Ransomware developers are not done attacking hospitals just yet

This year, the evil-minded creators of the file-locking ransomware viruses seem to be especially fixated upon targeting the most sensitive parts of social services and infrastructure. More
General News   2016-12-07

Cyber criminals shoot their daggers at Dailymotion – 85 million accounts hacked

After Locky virus had invaded the social network, it is no surprise that crooks quickly found a new target – Dailymotion. More
General News   2016-12-06

Beware of impostors who threaten to unpublish your Facebook page!

Facebook users should beware of frauds who use knavish tricks to hack social media accounts. More
News Spam and phishing   2016-12-02

Mozilla and Tor issue a Firefox zero-day security patch

If you are wondering why a notification asking to update your Firefox browser at once popped up, do not hesitate to do it. More
News Security   2016-12-01

New malicious spam campaign stokes Cerber distribution

According to the virus researchers, Cerber currently stands in the third place among the most actively distributed ransomware viruses out there. More
General News   2016-11-30

Confirmed: Mirai botnet attacks and temporarily incapacitates nearly million home routers

Last month, Mirai botnet demonstrated its power by knocking numerous leading Internet websites offline, and on 27th November, 2016 another attack was carried out. More
General News   2016-11-29

Free rides on Thanksgiving day? Ransomware hacks San Francisco’s transport system

As ransomware remains to be a hot topic in the cyber space, it is steadily transcending into the real world. More
General News   2016-11-28

Firefox Focus, a Mozilla browser that sets new Web privacy standards

With the raising demand of online privacy, Web developers are simply obliged to step up their game and focus on providing private and secure services that the users can rely on and trust. More
General News   2016-11-25

Locky cyber terror is expected to increase on Black Friday

Recently, the word “Locky” might have been uttered more times than “hello” to a stranger. More
News Viruses and parasites   2016-11-24

The cyber attack against Ask Toolbar Updater gets blocked in time

At the end of November 2016, cyber criminals attempted to compromise Ask Toolbar Updater to utilize it as a tool for malware distribution. More
News Security   2016-11-23

You can now get infected with Locky ransomware through Facebook!

Facebook’s instant messaging may have just become more dangerous than ever before as the virus experts have come across a trail of the infamous Locky virus spam campaign. More
General News   2016-11-21

Locky developers employ fake Flash Player updates to infect more computers

Locky virus developers have always been in the leading role when it comes to making up ways to spread the malicious viruses around. More
General News   2016-11-18

Black Friday-themed scams are spreading on social networks

Black Friday has been celebrated for 84 years in the United States. More
General News   2016-11-17

OPM breach aftermath: Locky exploits data stolen from the victims

Locky virus has been admitted as one of the most active cyber infections in the first half of this year. More
General News   2016-11-14

Things to consider before paying the ransom to cyber criminals

Ransomware viruses become so popular that criminals are coding them one after another. More
General News   2016-11-10