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AntiVermeans is a corrupt anti-spyware program illegally installed to user computers by widely spread trojans, through malicious advertisements and via numerous exploits. This application is not only a weak spyware remover, but also a clone of the infamous rogues.

We have carefully tested this product on several different computers including absolutely clean machines and PCs infected with spyware and adware parasites. Test results revealed that the application does not produce false positives and even identifies some malicious threats. However, it cannot detect most widely spread and well-known parasites, and thus is definitely unable to protect user privacy and system security.

Full System Scan performed on a regular modern computer storing hundreds of gigabytes of various data did not take more than one minute. The application does not check all the files, but searches only for known malware, which signatures are in its pitiable spyware definitions database. Quick Scan requires even less – only a few seconds! As you know, currently there is no such spyware remover capable of thoroughly checking the system so quickly, and this means that AntiVermeans cannot be trusted.

The program refuses to remove any parasites it finds and asks to register and purchase the full version. Active Guard, AntiVermeans real-time monitor, is also disabled.

AntiVermeans is a successor of AntiVermins, another rogue anti-spyware. Both programs have the same look, use identical parasite definitions databases and consist of terribly similar components. Furthermore, AntiVermeans end user license agreement (EULA) is a complete copy of AntiVermins EULA.

Such strange resemblance is easily explained. AntiVermeans is actually an updated variant of AntiVermins – some minor, mostly cosmetic changes have been introduced in order to avoid detection by legitimate spyware removers. The application is even downloaded from the same web site as AntiVermins – www.antivermins.com.

The program is illegally distributed with the help of widely spread parasites, malicious advertisements and numerous exploits. In our opinion, AntiVermeans vendor and its affiliates must be held fully responsible for such issues. We have already received user complaints stating that their computers are infected with the AntiVermeans parasite, which displays fake warning messages, downloads the corrupt spyware remover and hijacks the web browser.

DO NOT buy this product! AVOID AntiVermeans at all costs!

AntiVermins, AntiVerminser and AntiVermeans Removal Guide
AntiVermeans manual removal instructions

AntiVermeans download: not recommended

AntiVermeans was carefully tested by 2-spyware.com research center. The review is the result of our test. If you know additional information about AntiVermeans please send us the note
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AntiVermeans snapshot
AntiVermeans snapshotAntiVermeans snapshotAntiVermeans snapshot

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