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Stay safe online - 2017-11-19

Define ntvdm.exe file. Do I need it?

Get to know Ntvdm.exe file running on your computer. Ntvdm.exe is a legitimate system process, which belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System.More
Files System files   October 02, 2017  

Do I need to remove SECOH-QAD.exe?

SECOH-QAD.exe is not legit executable of Windows OS. SECOH-QAD.exe is an executable file which is related to KMSpico virus.More
Files System files   September 27, 2017  

IMG001.exe explanation

IMG001.exe may be a harbinger of ransomware. IMG001.exe file is identified as a potentially malicious file by the majority of anti-virus tools.More
Files System files   August 31, 2017  

Utcsvc.exe explained

The utcsvc.exe process running on the Task Manager might disguise a computer infection. More
Files System files   August 22, 2017  

What is the function of dllhost.exe

The original Dllhost.exe is a legitimate Windows file. Dllhost.exe is a legitimate process, which belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System.This executable process is popularly known as COM surrogate, which manages DLL based applications.More
Files System files   July 25, 2017  

Do I need to remove hkcmd.exe?

Description of Hkcmd.exe features. Hkcmd.exe is a legitimate Windows system process which is typically located in the C:\Windows\System32\hkcmd.exe directory.More
Files System files   July 05, 2017  

Understanding lsm.exe file and its importance

lms.exe stands for Local Manageability Service. It operates as a legitimate process which is incorporated in Intel-based operating systems.More
Files System files   May 11, 2017  

Understanding igfxtray.exe file and its importance

Igfxtray.exe file is a useful system component. Igfxtray.exe is a legitimate process running on the Windows operating system and known as The Graphic Accelerator Helper model.More
Files System files   February 13, 2017  

What is the function of explorer.exe

Is explorer.exe a safe file? Typically, explorer.exe is a regular file which can be found on Windows operating systems, located in C:\Windows folder.More
Files System files   December 07, 2016  

Dwm.exe information

Should you be worried about the Dwm.exe process running on your PC? More
Files System files   September 14, 2016  

What is svchost.exe

What is svchost.exe file? svchost.exe is one of the most known system processes which is legitimate and safe.More
Files System files   September 06, 2016  

File dnstehachapi.exe definition

dnstehachapi.exe is an executable file that can be seen within Task Manager.More
Files System files   October 12, 2015  

What is dllhst3g.exe

dllhst3g.exe is a legitimate system process, which is related to Windows OS.More
Files System files   June 30, 2014  


hdashcut.exe is a legitimate file, that belongs to Microsoft.More
Files System files   June 26, 2014  


sqlite3.dll is a lightweight SQL database engine. This file can be installed and used by various programs that use SQlite.More
Files System files   June 20, 2014  
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