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Stay safe online - 2021-02-26

Securityhealthsystray.exe info

Securityhealthsystray.exe is the process file related to the Windows operating system that can be cloned and used as malware. More
Files System files   January 15, 2021  

File gdipfontcachev1.dat information

gdipfontcachev1.dat - a file on the system that might indicate computer infection. More
Files System files   January 04, 2021  

What is svchost.exe

Svchost.exe is a completely legitimate file developed by Microsoft Corporation but the name might also be used by criminals for bad intentions. More
Files System files   January 02, 2021  

File Winrmsrv.exe information

Winrmsrv.exe is a legitimate executable created by Microsoft but might also indicate crypto-mining malware infection. More
Files System files   October 08, 2020  

Rundll32.exe information

Rundll32.exe is a legitimate Windows file used for DLL library distribution, although its name is also used by scammers. More
Files System files   October 02, 2020  

Do I need Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe file?

Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe is an executable file known as KMSpico used for MS Office or Windows cracking. More
Files Spyware related System files   June 16, 2020  

How to remove MsMpEng.exe

MsMpEng.exe is an Antimalware Service Executable that belongs to Microsoft Defender anti-malware component. More
Files System files   November 19, 2019  

Do I need msiexec.exe file?

Msiexec.exe is an Microsoft-used component for installation and uninstallation process of applications. More
Files System files   October 24, 2019  

Consent.exe explanation

Consent.exe is a file of Windows operating system that has administrator-level access to files and settings. More
Files System files   October 01, 2019  

Fontdrvhost.exe details and description

fontdrvhost.exe is a legitimate file for Windows that is used for font driver management software. More
Files System files   October 01, 2019  

Do I need to remove hkcmd.exe?

Hkcmd.exe is an executable file that gets installed together with Intel's driver chipsets. More
Files System files   August 30, 2019  

Powershell.exe file characteristics

Powershell.exe is the executable file that belongs to Microsoft Windows and does not pose any danger to the device. More
Files System files   July 17, 2019  

What is the function of Explorer.exe

Explorer.exe is a legitimate Windows process responsible for file management UI. More
Files System files   July 11, 2019  

7.hta information

7.hta - a file that raises concerns for computer users. 7.hta is a file that is associated with TeamViewer app.More
Files System files   June 25, 2019  

Define wscript.exe file. Do I need it?

wscript.exe - an executable which might hide malware if not located in C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows. More
Files System files   June 04, 2019  
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