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Zango ignores legal settlement

Earlier this month, we wrote that Zango, the infamous adware company, has agreed to pay $3 million to settle a suit brought by the FTC alleging that the company used bad practices to install adware to millions of computers around the world without end user knowledge and consent. More
News Spyware related issues   November 21, 2006  

End of support for Windows XP Service Pack 1

Microsoft ends all support for Windows XP Service Pack 1 today.More
General News   October 10, 2006  

Hacking AIM (2)

"Have you ever wanted to get on your girlfriends, boyfriends, or just a friends AOL Instant Messenger screen name ...More
News Viruses and parasites   August 10, 2006  

What’s new on – Issue 5, July, 2006

News MySpace - a playground for malware pushers? New trojan installs itself as a Firefox extension Ad injection Parasite removal guides A sophisticated phish SpyHeal.More
News What's new   August 01, 2006  

Ad injection

Ben Edelman, reputable anti-spyware expert, has conducted a research on how Vonage, one of the leading providers of broadband phone service, funds spyware.More

Still using Windows 98 or Windows Me? (2)

Are you still using Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows Millennium ?More
General News   July 05, 2006  

Webroot’s latest State of Spyware

Webroot, one of the leading anti-spyware companies, released the latest State of Spyware Report recently.More
News Spyware related issues   May 14, 2006  

YapBrowser – adware and child porn (1)

180solutions, the infamous adware distributor, got in a very unpleasant situation.More
News Spyware related issues   April 21, 2006  

HijackThis Log Analyzer

We are proud to present you the HijackThis Log Analyzer, our totally new service that will automatically analyze your HijackThis log and provide results immediately after posting the log.More
General News   March 31, 2006  

Critical Internet Explorer vulnerability: attacks started

The day before last, we wrote about new highly critical vulnerability, which affects Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on fully patched Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server systems.More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   March 25, 2006  

What’s new on – Issue 2, February, 2006

News SpywareStrike has got a clone Olympic gold medalist looks to be a spyware pusher Botnets, botmasters and spyware victims.More
News What's new   March 01, 2006  

Backing up and restoring the Windows registry (16)

The registry is one of the most vital components of the Microsoft Windows operating system.More
Articles Security   January 25, 2006  

Blackworm. Only a few days left

On this Friday, February 3rd, Blackworm, an extremely dangerous and rapidly spreading Internet parasite will delete millions of various documents, databases, images and archives stored on hundreds of thousands of computers around the globe.More
Articles Security   January 23, 2006  

CoolWebSearch - the most infamous browser hijacker

Browser hijackers - the pest on the computer. The term "potentially unwanted program" is highly controversial still up to this day, as countless legal battles were raised by consumers, security experts, and PUP developers.More
News Viruses and parasites   July 08, 2005