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Fotaprovider virus. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

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Fotaprovider virus is a program with different functions which cannot be easily removed due to the preinstalled Android applications

Fotaprovider virus
Fotaprovider virus is the version of Android operating systems targeting malware.

Fotaprovider virus is the malware that delivers unwanted content to your screen and affects the general performance of mobile devices. This is one of many different Android virus variants that exceptionally affects mobile devices. There can be lots of different symptoms and features of the particular threat, but the main issue is the association with pre-installed Android applications like Pinoy App Shop, E Warranty, Cherry Play, Cherry Fun Club and more. Preinstalled adware-type programs became more of a problem recently.[1] However, Fotaprovider virus can also have different functionality, based on different type detection results that various users report in online forums.[2]

Name Fotaprovider virus
Virus family Android virus
Symptoms Appears on the device out of nowhere, displays commercial content, runs in the background
Comes with Pinoy App Shop, E Warranty, Cherry Play, Cherry Fun Club and more preinstalled programs
Possible functions Trojan or Adware
Distribution Comes preinstalled or gets on the system from deceptive websites, advertisements
Possible detection names
  • Android/Trojan.SMS.Agent.ih
  • Android/Trojan.SMS.Agent.bhf
  • Android/Trojan.Dropper.Agent.w
  • Android/PUP.Riskware.Autoins.Fota 
Related file AduptsFota.apk
Removal You need to get an anti-malware app to scan the system thoroughly or and follow Fotaprovider virus removal tips below the article

Fotaprovider virus creates frustration in users' device because it constantly appears on the screen as a threat detected by AV engines. However, removal is difficult, and we have discovered many complaints about the persistence of this intruder. This suspicious behavior raises the question if Fota provider is a dangerous program or not.

The main Fotaprovider virus functions include the advertisements, pop-up windows, redirects and other browser's performance affecting features. Unfortunately, this content can also be delivered from associated applications or websites. It is known that Pinoy App Shop, E Warranty, Cherry Play, Cherry Fun Club and more preinstalled programs can cause the initial infiltration of this malware and the difficulty when trying to uninstall any of them.

Researchers[3] also note that Fotaprovider virus might have more damaging features:

  • installing malware;
  • using resources of the device;
  • running background processes.

You should note that when your AV tool shows Fotaprovider virus as a dangerous application and offers removal procedures you need to react and take measures to get rid of the intruder as soon as possible. If this virus starts running processes in the background and using resources of your phone, it significantly affects the performance of the device. 

For the Fotaprovider virus removal, you should employ a reputable anti-malware application which can be found in the App Store like any other tool. We can recommend Reimage for this procedure but feel free to use the program based on your criteria.

However, when you need to remove Fotaprovider virus professional help is required because main files associated with the intruder can be hidden all over the place. Since all those related applications are preinstalled, you need to get rid of them to eliminate unwanted features on the phone.

You should be aware of software bundling and the danger of deceptive advertisements

Using third-party application stores, deceptive websites or getting your programs from advertisements can put your device at risk because these providers often pack their products with other PUPs and distribute these programs all over the internet. Deceptive, maliciously infected websites can target the Android operating system and when a user receives pop-up advertisement with promotional content constant clicking on them leads to cyber infections.

You can avoid this if you choose reputable sources like the official app store or program developers, providers. This way you can prevent additional installations and make sure that going for Advanced or Custom options allows de-selecting unwanted programs from the list. 

Also, get the anti-malware program from the official provider or app store and keep this tool updated. Scanning the system occasionally can improve the performance of your phone because all PUPs get detected and deleted early.

Fotaprovider virus eliminations tips and tricks

To completely remove Fotaprovider virus, you need to make sure that all possible threats get deleted from the system. If one or two related applications get left on the phone, the whole virus termination procedure is not successful. Get the tool like Reimage, Malwarebytes MalwarebytesCombo Cleaner or Plumbytes Anti-MalwareMalwarebytes Malwarebytes and scan the system thoroughly. This way you can see all possible threats and remove them. 

Additionally, for Fotaprovider virus removal, you may need to enter the Safe Mode or reset the factory settings on your phone or different device:

  • Locate the power button. Press and hold it for a few seconds until the menu is shown. Choose Power off option.
  • The dialog window suggests you reboot the device in Safe Mode. Choose this and press OK.

You can also try another method of entering this mode. Turn your phone off and turn it on again when it starts to reboot again, press and hold Menu or both Volume buttons constantly to see the Safe Mode option.

If this method is not working to enter the Safe Mode and remove Fotaprovider virus, you can search the proper Safe Mode instructions for your phone.

You can also do that with the factory reset option if you cannot find this option in Settings.

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If you failed to remove virus damage using Reimage, submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.
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Alternative Software
Different security software includes different virus database. If you didn’t succeed in finding malware with Reimage, try running alternative scan with Combo Cleaner.

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