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Remove Program Management Console virus (Virus Removal Instructions)

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What are the drawbacks of Program Management Console?

Questions about Program Management Console virus

Program Management Console virus is not an actually a real cyber infection that might steal your files or corrupt your computer irreversibly. In fact, in this particular situation, the term “virus” is only used by the regular users, while malware professionals take a more neutral position and deem it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Originally, Program Management Console has been developed by a company called CompuClever Systems Inc., which is responsible for the release of other questionable tools, such as PC Clean Maestro which we have already discussed in one of our previous articles. Interestingly enough, according to some reputable sources, the users’ feedback on Program Management Console is quite positive and only 2% of the respondents would recommend others to remove it. There might be a couple of reasons why there are so many different opinions about this program. First and the most likely one is that there is a version of Program Management Console malware circling around the Internet, tricking users into thinking that they are downloading and using the legitimate software. Or, there are some characteristics of the original program that do not appeal to some users, while others simply let them pass. Either way, if you are unhappy with any software — legitimate or rogue — that is currently on your computer, you should uninstall it without hesitation and obtain a tool that serves your needs properly. If the program is legitimate, you shouldn’t need any special techniques to remove Program Management Console from your computer. Nevertheless, if you can’t seem to get rid of this program and it keeps coming back, you should scan your computer with a professional antivirus tool, say Reimage Reimage Cleaner , and allow it to locate and exterminate the potential malware automatically.

Image of the Program Management Console virus

So what are the biggest concerns the users and experts have about Program Management Console? We should probably address the Program Management Console ads first. Apart from constantly sending delusive system scan results, this program also deploys hundreds of sponsored ads, banners, and links on your web browser. These ads may push you into installing other CompuClever Systems Inc. products or promote completely unrelated content, often led by false advertising. Secondly, this program may have an impact on the productivity of your computer as well. Due to the exposure to high CPU utilization by Program Management Console executable pmc.exe, the system may begin to run unusually slowly, while other applications, including the antivirus utilities and Internet browsers, may suddenly cease to work properly. Some users may choose to tolerate such inconveniences, but the constant system overload will inevitably damage the system over time, so it is better to start thinking about Program Management Console removal before it is too late.

How did this program get on my computer?

We should once again emphasize that Program Management Console is not a virus, so it does not use exploit kits or Trojans to get into the users’ computers. Nevertheless, this program is known for its surprise appearance on the system. So how is that possible? There is actually no secret that potentially unwanted programs use “bundling” technique to get into the computers. This technique is also used by the pioneering software developers who want to introduce their new product to the public quicker. Its principle is simple: you take the program in question, and you pin it to another, more popular and frequently downloaded application. Voilà! You have yourself a great marketing strategy. Sadly, it is just as successful when used for spreading malware around. Nonetheless, that’s what the “Advanced” and “Custom” software installation settings are for. Opting for these particular modes, you will be able to investigate the downloaded software in detail and disclose all the bundled components. If you find Program Management Console pre-marked as an optional install, simply unmark the check box and continue with your installation.

Recommendations of how to remove Program Management Console:

You should be able to uninstall Program Management Console from your computer like any other regular program. Just go to your Windows settings and remove Program Management Console from the list of the installed programs. If the application does not give in that easily, it might be that you are dealing with a malicious version of the app. In such a case, we highly recommend scanning your computer with Reimage Reimage Cleaner malware-detection tool. This automatic approach is especially useful if your computer has been infected with some other malicious programs you are unaware of.

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Alternative Software
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