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Security Central. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

removal by Jake Doevan - -   Also known as SecurityCentral | Type: Rogue Antispyware

Security Central is a bogus program advertised as reliable security software. It uses false scan results, fake security alerts and browser hijacking in order to scare you into purchasing this program. Usually, Security Central is advertised through the use of trojans, fake online anti-malware scanners and other malicious software. Most of the time, Trojans display legitimate looking pop-ups or security alerts similar to Windows Security Center warnings. These alerts state that you computer is infected with trojans, adware or spyware. You may see this fake alert:

“Security Central
Threat Found
Attack from:, port 47333
Attacked port: 10631
Threat: Trojan-DDoS.9″

Information about possible attacks and security threats might be also displayed. The main goal of such behavior is to trick you into downloading Security Central.

Windows Security alert
Windows reports that computer is infected. Antivirus software helps to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. Click here for the scan you computer. Your system might be at risk now.

Once installed, this program will ostensibly scan your computer. The scan results are false and can be easily ignored, however, don't remove these files, because some of them might be legitimate ones. Otherwise, you can make your computer unstable. To add some more, Security Central will constantly display very annoying security alerts about various infections and security issues. These alerts are fake too. The worst thing is that they will show up like every 1-2 minutes. It can be almost impossible to to even a regular tasks with your computer.

While running, Security Central will hijack your browser. Most of the time, you will be taken to the homepage of this parasite. The same goes with Google search results. Security Central will redirect you to various malicious websites instead of those displayed in the search results. What is more, your computer may become slower than usual because of this parasite.

If you find that your computer is infected with this parasite, do not purchase it! Instead, please use the removal guide below to remove Security Central and any related malware from your computer for free.

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Reimage (remover) Happiness
Reimage (remover) Happiness
Compatible with Microsoft Windows Compatible with OS X
What to do if failed?
If you failed to remove infection using Reimage, submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.
Reimage is recommended to uninstall Security Central. Free scanner allows you to check whether your PC is infected or not. If you need to remove malware, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage malware removal tool.

Note: Manual assistance required means that one or all of removers were unable to remove parasite without some manual intervention, please read manual removal instructions below.

More information about this program can be found in Reimage review.
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Security Central manual removal:

Delete registry values:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun "[random]"

Delete files:
%AllUsersProfile%Application Data[random].dat

%AppData%MicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick LaunchSecurity Central.lnk

%UserProfile%DesktopSecurity Central.lnk




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  • Mia

    After having my system hijacked by this virus, I thought I was doomed and had much trouble trying to open a browser looking for information to get rid of it.
    Finally, I opened the downloads folder, limited it to only the files I had downloaded that day, found two unfamiliar ones which I renamed to sick *%&*$, renamed the shortcut likewise, then rebooted windows.
    It worked great! Then I downloaded a recently released anti-malware from windows:
    and ran a scan of the whole system which took a couple of hours but found 13 infections and removed them. Magic!

  • Guest

    Please solved the problems

  • Guest

    Renaming the exe file helped me to make my pc work thank you all who advised to do this.

  • Guest

    A. Cannot kill processes. Security Central closes taskmngr.exe right after you attempt to open it.
    B. Cannot delete registries. Security Central does the same thing to regedit.exe
    C. Cannot delete files because they are still in use because user cannot kill proreces.

    So, then what should I do?

  • Guest

    My sons HP Pavilion got this. I couldn't get past it even in safe mode. Its an old machine so hes bought a new one with win7 on it. I'll now have a go at shifting SC off the old one. Will let you all know how I got on.

  • Guest

    I have paid for this software 2 weeks ago, had it for a couple of days and now ist gone. So I´m waiting to get my money back.

  • Guest

    This program came up on my computer this evening, reporting child porn sites on my terminal. It disabled my anti-virus and took control of my browser. I managed to be able to check out this website and was able to remove it. Well done people, many thanks

  • Guest

    it came up on my computer that a child porn web site was found on my terminal please advise or investigate

  • drade

    To be able to run any kind of removal/diagnostic tools, simply rename their original file names (e.g. mbam-setup.exe to winlogon.exe) to winlogon or winlogon.exe and then try to run them.

  • jiggaman_16

    changing the name of the file and then deleting it worked for me. thank you guys

  • Guest

    Changing the name “C:/program files/security center” to something worked for me.
    Change the name and then restart the system then you will be able to delete and run all the applications.

  • Leo

    XP: Restart is safe mode with command prompt, go to program filessecurity central, delete the file and restart
    >cdprogram files
    >cd security central

  • Guest

    restore your computer to a date previous to installing security central and it should be fine, mine was

  • User

    Hey, I get this annoying peacing-off-people stuff, and i threw it out by going into C:/program files/security center, and changed this sh*t's name, and that finished my problems with that thing. i was desperated 'cause it blocked access to my chrome browser.

  • Guest

    I am also unable to run programs from spydoctor or malwarebytes. Can't run task manager either. Security Central is blocking. Message says (file name) can not run due to worm infection. activate security central to fix.

  • rofi

    Try to boot your PC in “Safe Mode with Networking” then.

  • GreenCod

    Security Central bloc all new installation of any program. It blocs my MS-Office also. Need help!

  • Guest

    I have tried to download spydoctor from all three alternate locations. I am unable to run anything to get rid of Security Central. I need help!