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Remove Trojan.Kotver!Ink (Free Guide)

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The peculiarities of Trojan.Kotver!Ink malware

Trojan.Kotver!Ink virus is surely not the kind of malware anyone would like to deal with. It is classified as a trojan horse. Alternatively, Symantec products may label it as a Kovter trojan horse. Generally, this sort of computer of threats cause goosebumps for many users due to their technical peculiarities. They are capable of passing themselves as legitimate files and then cause a series of severe outcomes; starting from false notifications to reboot the system to locked data. Thus, the capabilities of Trojan.Kotver!Ink are also unlimited. However, there is no computer threat which cannot be ceased in one or another way. While you are reading this, make a rush to remove Trojan.Kotver!Ink from the device. You can do it with the help of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . Check whether the application is updated and start the scan right away. It is crucial to initiate Trojan.Kotver!Ink removal right away.

Questions about Trojan.Kotver!Ink

As you may have already guessed, this trojan might be another variation of notorious Kovter ransomware and Kovter.C trojan horse. Besides the former possessing the characteristics of a trojan, it behaved as a file-encrypting virus as well. Such phenomenon is not uncommon among trojan horses since their technical features grant them flexibility. Unfortunately, due to that, some anti-virus applications struggle to detect on time. In the case of current malware, fortunately, major security companies manage to spot it on time before it extracts itself fully. Depending on the antivirus you are using, the trojan might be found as Win32:Kovter-C,
Win32/Kovter.C,Trojan:Win32/Kovter!rfn , trojan.GenericKD.3112101 (B), trojan.Kotver!Ink, trojan.Win32.Kovter.evv,Trojan.GenericKD.3112101, Ransom_.956D2004, trojan.GenericKD.3112101,TR/Kovter.352313, trojan.Kovter. In any case, the malware is not a mere PUP.

The image of Trojan.Kotver!Ink

If you do not own a proper security application, and the virus sneaks into the system, for a while, you might not have the slightest suspicion that a severe threat has occupied the system. Afte a while, you might notice false alerts of disabled Windows Defender or alerts asking to restart the device. Needless to say, the PC starts underperforming incapable of opening some applications or simply loading them several minutes. In addition, you might also get denied do access to certain websites due to false alerts. The reason behind such behavior is simple: the malware collects personal information, including login passwords and banking account credentials. It may also get access to valuable documents and family photos and leak them to remote proxy server. It might be a just a matter of time when hackers receive such data and misuse it. However, there might be even a worse case scenario – encrypted data.

The distribution of the malware

While you might escape such threats as browser hijackers or adware simply by unmarking unwanted tools during the installation process, speaking of Kovter trojan, things are more complicated. It may disguise itself under an ordinary mini game or in a torrent file. In short, the trojan might hide anywhere. Alternatively, some of such threats are dispersed via botnets, networks of machines which are programmed to send out infections. That is wy it is crucial to have a powerful updated anti-virus tool. You can also reduce the risk of encountering the malware by staying away from suspicious web pages and P2P file sharing domains.

How can I remove Kotver!Ink trojan?

Needless to say that manual elimination might not work in this case. Since the virus spreads its registry and executables throughout the system locating them all might be just a futile activity. Therefore, you should entrust Trojan.Kotver!Ink removal to a security application (we recommend Reimage Reimage Cleaner or Malwarebytes). Luckily, the majority of both, anti-virus and anti-spyware, applications are able to deal with this trojan. Usually, they only take up a couple of minutes to remove Trojan.Kotver!Ink virus completely. Afterward, restart the device for the changes to take effect. Keep in mind these prevention means and keep your security tools in check to reduce the risk of a trojan assault.

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  1. chanlee3579 says:
    October 13th, 2016 at 4:36 am

    Its a real thing.

  2. eel@354 says:
    October 13th, 2016 at 4:38 am

    I kept getting BSOD, but luckily, it was not this trojan. Too bad for the unlucky ones.

  3. dresdendenver says:
    October 13th, 2016 at 4:39 am

    I would still get confused after encountering this trojan.

  4. quack365 says:
    October 13th, 2016 at 4:40 am

    Which is more troublesome backdoor or this Kovter trojan?

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