Stay safe online - 2022-05-23

Most of PC users still don’t know how dangerous ransomware is

Though cyber criminals have been on a roll releasing various ransomware viruses in recent years, surprisingly, there is still a significant number of Internet users who are not aware of this type of threat at all.More
News   May 26, 2016  

Preventing Locky virus: 5 tips for taking control

It is hard to find an Internet user who hasn‘t heard about Locky virus and its inflicted broad-scale damage on the entire online world.More
News Security   May 20, 2016  

TrueCrypt has changed its name to TrueCrypter and it is more active than before

The users who are interested in the cyber security may have heard about the virus, called the TrueCrypt.More
News   May 20, 2016  

Yontoo discontinues its infamous browser hijackers but returns with the new ones

Can you remember Groovorio, Splendor Search, Yontoo Pagerage and similar PUPs from Yontoo?More
News Viruses and parasites   May 20, 2016  

SpyHunter vs Webroot

In the beginning, it may seem that Webroot cannot be compared to SpyHunter.More
News   May 20, 2016  

Cyber threats you should look out for this year: adware, browser hijackers and ransomware viruses

The first quarter of 2016 already brought a variety of new computer threats to the users all around the world, posing a danger to the stability of their devices.More
News   May 19, 2016  

SpyHunter vs Spybot

At first sight, SpyHunter and Spybot - Search & Destroy seem to belong to the same, anti-spyware, category.More
News   May 19, 2016  

SpyHunter vs McAfee

SpyHunter and McAfee are well-known security applications that have experienced many ups and downs thru their years on functionality.More
News   May 18, 2016  

FBI encourages ransomware victims not to pay the ransom

In a recently released announcement, FBI warns of rise in ransomware attacks on computer users and shares tips on dealing with these computer viruses.More
News   May 05, 2016  

Russian hackers are suspected to be behind Locky virus

You must have heard about the latest ransomware called Locky virus.More
News Viruses and parasites   March 09, 2016  

Is the freedom of speech allowed on BleepingComputer?

Several days ago, BleepingComputer community announced that they were sued by Enigma Software for a negative review of SpyHunter.More
News   February 05, 2016  

BleepingComputer is sued by Enigma Software for false claims

We live in modern days, so there is no surprise that people are aware of spyware.More
News   February 02, 2016  

What to do when Antispyware program fails to remove infection? (11)

Every security expert knows that protecting computer to prevent malware is much easier than eliminating one from it.More
News   November 12, 2015  

Statistics Has Revealed That Mac OS X is Getting Increasingly Vulnerable to Malware

Bitdefender has presented a half-of-the-year statistics related to lowest level security threats, namely adware and potentially unwanted programs.More
News   November 11, 2015  

Issues on Mac and Windows OS? No problem! UGetFix can now help to fix them easily

UGetFix is a website that has recently been released and is managed by the team of 2-spyware.More
News   September 29, 2015