What is gplyra.exe? Should I remove it?

Finding gplyra.exe in the Task Manager might warn about the infiltration of the miner

gplyra.exe is an executable of malicious program that is used for mining Bitcoins. Different security programs detect this cyber threat as Win64:Malware-gen, Multi:BitCoinMiner-B [PUP], Trojan.Gen.2, etc. It might also be related to Gplyra Miner. Thus, it’s a dangerous process that should not be kept on the system.

The dangerous file is usually located in %appdata%\gplyra\gplyra directory. It might be installed in any Windows version, starting from Windows XP and finishing with Windows 10. The installation of gplyra.exe is always unnoticed. However, it causes many negative impacts to the computer’s operation, so finding it in a Task Manager does not take long when you look up for a reason why your PC became sluggish.

In the Task Manager, you can see that gplyra.exe process uses high computer’s CPU. It takes 30%-70% of computer resources to mine crypto-currency. The high usage of the CPU makes the device sluggish and might even lead to overheating. Thus, your computer might be physically damaged.

Additionally, the appearance of the gplyra.exe process might also trigger other suspicious activities, such as:

  • delivery of aggressive pop-ups,
  • inability to open or run particular programs,
  • installation of other malware,
  • data tracking and sharing.

Therefore, the infiltration of this EXE file might lead not only to a damaged computer but privacy-related issues as well. For this reason, you have to remove gplyra.exe immediately. However, locating it in the computer and hitting delete button is not recommended. It’s not the most effective elimination method.

For gplyra.exe removal, you should employ FortectIntego or another malware removal tool because you need to uninstall the malicious program that brought the file to the computer. If you delete only the executable, it might be re-installed. Thus, dangerous activities will be continued.

The ways how malicious process can get installed into computer

The gplyra.exe virus might infiltrate the system using multiple methods. The executable is part of a malicious program, so it arrived on the system together, or it was installed automatically when malware starts execution process.

The Trojan horse might get installed when a user:

  • opens a malicious email attachment;
  • installs a corrupted add-on, plugin or extension from the infected redirect website;
  • installs malicious program from the torrents or P2P networks;
  • updates software from a fake pop-up;
  • download illegal content;
  • clicks on a malware-laden ad.

Additionally, malware might also take advantage of system vulnerabilities or outdated software and use exploit kits. Other malicious programs can infiltrate computers and networks by using weak RDP connections. Therefore, users should keep the programs they use up-to-date and strengthen computer’s security with anti-virus or anti-malware to avoid a cyber attack.

Remove gplyra.exe along with the malicious program

Security experts do not advise to remove gplyra.exe alone. This malicious process might be re-installed again by malware. Therefore, you should get rid of it together with a virus that brought it inside.

The file is associated with crypto-currency mining trojan, so it’s better to uninstall it automatically. Manual termination is complicated and might result in system damage if you are not experienced computer users. Therefore, for gplyra.exe removal, you should use reputable security software and scan the system with FortectIntego or similar program.

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Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Intego, try running Combo Cleaner.
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