What is hshta.exe? Should I remove it?

Hshta.exe — malware which uses a similar name to the legitimate system process

Hshta.exe is an executable file which may disguise a Trojan horse. The developers have created an exceptionally similar name to the legitimate Mshta.exe process that is a part of Microsoft HTML Application Host downloaded together with Internet Explorer. As a result, computer users might not be able to recognize this malicious program operating on their systems in the background. 

Name Hshta.exe
Type Trojan horse
Danger level High. Can be used to let ransomware inside the system
Distribution Spreads via fake software updates, malicious ads and suspicious links
Symptoms Does not display a visible window. Although, can cause system crashes, slowdowns or increase CPU usage
Elimination Dangerous cyber threats should be eliminated with professional tools. Uninstall Hshta.exe with FortectIntego

It is not new that cybercriminals create .exe files which look similar to legitimate system processes. Unfortunately, neither other fraudulent files nor Hshta.exe is safe to leave on your computer. Experts note that reliable programs are located in C:\Windows\System32\ while malicious ones reside in different directories. 

As Hshta.exe is categorized as a Trojan horse, there are numerous potentially dangerous features it may perform on your system. Usually, attackers aim to generate illegal profits from malicious programs. Thus, Hshta.exe might be programmed to carry out cryptocurrency mining activities. 

In other terms, Hshta.exe process can exploit your computer's resources to mine digital currency for the criminals. Even though it might seem insignificant, only a few resources are left for regular computer processes. Thus, Hshta.exe may increase CPU usage and lead to the following consequences:

  • Slow computer;
  • Program crash;
  • Increased latency;
  • Permanent PC damage.

Furthermore, Hshta.exe Trojan can be used for other malicious proposes, like stealing personal information. Usually, such dangerous applications are designed to log keystrokes and monitor desktop activity. As a result, criminals can access credentials or online banking details remotely. 

If you want to avoid computer damage or financial losses, we strongly recommend you to remove Hshta.exe from your system. You can detect this process running in the Task Manager. Check whether it is using an excessive amount of CPU power. If the answer is positive, Hshta.exe is definitely malicious. 

Manual Hshta.exe removal is almost impossible as Trojan horses can duplicate and update themselves. If you want to terminate Hshta.exe process permanently, you should rely on professional security tools. We strongly recommend scanning your system with FortectIntego.

Trojan horses can infiltrate the system via fake software updates

Usually, criminals distribute malicious programs inside the attachments of spam emails. Although, our experts note that a vast of Trojan horses spread as fake software updates. In other terms, users can be redirected to a fraudulent site claiming that they must install an updated version of Adobe Flash Player or similar well-known software.

Unfortunately, those who click on the download button enable bogus scripts which automatically infiltrate the system with Trojans. Thus, you should download and update programs only by visiting official websites and using direct links at all times. Otherwise, you risk getting tricked to let in cyber threats. 

Additionally, some variants of malware can lurk in the cyberspace as malicious ads or hyperlinks. Likewise, users are advised to browse through reliable sites and avoid suspicious ones. Note that it is hard to identify a potentially dangerous advertisement. So, it is better to stay away from commercial content for good. 

Terminate Hshta.exe process immediately

Even though Hshta.exe removal might seem straightforward, the infection might be categorized as a polymorphic. In other terms, there is a substantial risk that the Trojan can copy itself into various folders on the computer and download automatic updates. Thus, inappropriate elimination may lead to the reappearance of Hshta.exe virus. 

To avoid such consequences, we recommend you to remove Hshta.exe automatically. For that, reliable security tools should be taken into consideration. Our top choices are FortectIntego, and Malwarebytes. Merely download the software and run a full system scan to detect and uninstall all malicious programs.

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Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
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