What is minergate.exe? Should I remove it?

minergate.exe – a component of illegal cryptocurrency miner

minergate.exe is a process that can appear on the computer after the Minergate virus attack. This malware is known as a cryptocurrency miner that uses computer’s CPU to mine digital money without user’s knowledge or permission.

The minergate.exe virus operates as a Trojan horse. Hence, users can be tricked into installing it themselves thinking that they are downloading a useful program. However, security experts often remind to be careful with freeware and shareware downloads.

The main task of the minergate.exe is to use affected computer’s resources. In the Windows Task Manager, you can see that this process uses up to 60% (in some cases even more) of CPU. Due to this activity, the machine becomes sluggish, programs might not respond, and you won’t be able to use your PC normally.

There’s no doubt that appearance of the minergate.exe file might lead to serious computer-related problems. Your device might overheat and even get physically damaged. Therefore, once you noticed your machine acting oddly, check the Task Manager for cryptocurrency miner.

If you find minergate.exe running in the background and draining your PC, you should not hurry up and click “End Task” button. This method won’t fix the problem in the long term. Miner might reinstall missing component immediately and continue digging digital coins.

To remove minergate.exe and prevent it from coming back, you have to take care of Minergate virus removal. Once you eliminate miner from the device, all suspicious processes will be stopped and wiped out from the system too.

We highly recommend taking advantage of reputable malware removal software, such as FortectIntego. Updated security program can easily perform minergate.exe removal and make sure that your computer is no longer used for illegal mining.

Miner spreads and attacks devices as a Trojan horse

Minergate miner typically spreads as an obfuscated program. Thus, you might download it accidentally form file-sharing websites or networks. It might be presented a useful freeware or cracked software, or important update.

Additionally, the Trojan horse might be included in freeware or shareware packages. For this reason, you have to be careful with downloads. First of all, you have to use reliable downloads sources and avoid questionable websites.

Secondly, do not rush with installation procedure by using “Recommended” or “Standard” installers. These settings do not reveal about additional components that might be included in the software bundle.

You should always use “Custom” or “Advanced” settings which reveals the list of third-party tools that might be attached to the primary program. You have to follow each of the installation steps attentively to remove the ticks from pre-selected entries.

The correct way to eliminate minergate.exe from the system

Seeing suspicious process running in the Task Manager and using lots of CPU often encourages to click “End task” button. However, we have already told you that it’s not enough to remove minergate.exe entirely. You have to look at the problem from the wider perspective and get rid of the cryptocurrency miner.

We highly recommend scanning the system with FortectIntego or another anti-malware software to wipe out Trojan horse from the computer. Security program will perform the proper minergate.exe removal.

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Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
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