What is track_id.bin? Should I remove it?

The modus operandi of track_id.bin file

Track_id.bin file serves as the binary file which might link to multiple applications or phenomena. Originally, .bin files refer to game applications. They often come as additional files included in the pack of a game.

Moreover, a .bin may be itself the file containing all executable files and other crucial elements for a proper game launch. In order to see the contents of the file, you need it to create a .cue file out of it and then mount the original file with mounting software. You can also identify the file by burning it into a CD disk or a virtual drive.

Multiple options of usage

Regarding users’ reports, the file seems to be often recurring in mobile devices. In that case, the file might be a leftover of a game program.

Otherwise, the file has been spotted traveling as an additional file to an email attachment. Unless you and a contact are exchanging “technical support” by transferring game-related content via email, then you should treat track_id.bin with care.

You might recall regular warnings reverberating in the media not to open shady attachments which contain .doc, .js, .bin, .dll or other executable files.

They might be a harbinger of a highly severe outcome – ransomware. It is common knowledge that cyber criminals foist their malware under the disguise of a sys32 file or another well-known system file.

Since track_id.bin is also quite common, the file might serve as the carrier for a virtual infection if downloaded together with a corrupted game torrent file or unsafe domains. Furthermore, the application may also refer to an audio file. Some users suggest resetting their browsers as well. In that case, track_id.bin seems to function as a website tracking cookie.

To sum up the file, the file still requires further investigation due to its broad scale of usage. You can scan with the assistance of FortectIntego or Malwarebytes. In case, if it was not flagged as a corrupted one and you are curious to see its contents, here is how you can open it.

Method 1. Open file with NotePad

You may see partial content or at least get a general idea what track_id.bin file is meant for simply by opening it in NotePad. If the command failed to reveal any useful information, you could attempt mounting it.

Method 2. Mount track_id.bin file with a mounting app

In case the file belongs to a certain game, you may change its format and then launch as .iso file. First of all, let us create a .txt file.

  1. Right-click on the track_id.bin file, choose New, and then Notepad.
  2. Name the text file the same as the original one – track_id.bin.
  3. Open the text file and type the following entry:
    FILE “track_id.bin” BINARY
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
  4.  Click Save as.
  5. Name the file according to the original title and file it write .cue.
  6. The file should be saved in the new .cue format.
  7. Open the application which mounts .iso files, locate the folder where the original track_id.bin file is located, select it and start the mounting process.
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Alternative Software
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