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New York sues major spyware company

The Attorney General of New York, Eliot Spitzer, has sued Direct Revenue, one of the most elusive and hated spyware and adware distributors. More

HijackThis Log Analyzer

We are proud to present you the HijackThis Log Analyzer, our totally new service that will automatically analyze your HijackThis log and provide results immediately after posting the log. More
General News   2006-03-31

Parasite removal tools

A new category has just been added to our Spyware Software section. More
General News   2006-03-29

Critical Internet Explorer vulnerability: attacks started

The day before last, we wrote about new highly critical vulnerability, which affects Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on fully patched Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server systems. More

SpywareQuake – yet another rapidly spreading rogue (11)

Selling corrupt anti-spyware programs became popular and profitable business for a variety of Internet scums. More

Claria quits adware business?

Claria Corporation, one of the major adware companies announced on Tuesday that it will exit adware business in next few months. More
General News   2006-03-23

The danger of botnets

Have you ever wondered, what consequences can a simple spyware or adware infection have? More

Corrupt anti-spyware bundles adware

It is quite difficult to sell a corrupt anti-spyware program. More
Anti-spyware software News   2006-03-12

New SpySheriff clone is on the loose

SpySheriff, the infamous corrupt anti-spyware program, has got yet another clone. More

Report illegal use of the content (1)

Today, one of our constant visitors has sent us a link to a message in the Dell Community Forum. More
General News   2006-03-08

Update on SpyFalcon (6)

SpyFalcon, the infamous trojan continues to mutate. A new variant of this parasite has appeared recently. More
News Viruses and parasites   2006-03-07

RedBrowser, the first mobile phone trojan

Nowadays, not only personal computers and servers can be infected with viral parasites. More
News Viruses and parasites   2006-03-01

What’s new on – Issue 2, February, 2006

News SpywareStrike has got a clone Olympic gold medalist looks to be a spyware pusher Botnets, botmasters and spyware victims. More
News What's new   2006-03-01

Top 100 parasites of 2005

The last year really was the year of spyware, adware and malware threats. More
Articles Security   2006-02-26

The rise of money stealing trojans

Trojans are everywhere. You receive them by e-mail, download from popular file sharing networks, install by clicking on malicious links in instant messages or by surfing to fake security-related web sites. More
News Viruses and parasites   2006-02-21
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