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Ardamax Keylogger. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

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Ardamax Keylogger – a popular spying tool among hackers

Ardamax Keylogger

Ardamax Keylogger virus defines malevolent activity[1] which is designed to record users' keystrokes using legitimate Ardamax software. Though it has been created for professional processes, cyber villains took a liking of the program.

Even if you download the program from its official site, detecting the tool might be troublesome. Since it has a Hidden Mode, crooks make use of this functionality to disguise the activities of the program and record your keystrokes.

The latest version. 4.6, allows the admin see every keystroke on the target system, capture chats, use visual surveillance, or even use the microphone to record audio. The program manages to hide itself and silently monitor victim’s computer without being detected.

Once installed, it adds IJE.exe file to %APPDATA% folder, also akv.exe and QXI.exe files to %PROGRAMFILES% directory. In addition, you may notice two Winlogon.exe processes. Though ending the task of the legitimate command may lead to sever system issues, it is not recommended to cancel the task as determining which command is genuine might be confusing.

If you cannot detect the program, but suspect the unwanted presence or your email account passwords have been changed, you can use anti-virus or anti-rootkit tools to detect the software. For instance, Kaspersky anti-virus tool may help you identify you it, while certain anti-rootkit tools created by Malwarebytes company assists in getting rid of the malware. You may also find Malwarebytes Anti Malware useful in performing Ardamax Keylogger malware removal.

Once someone installs this program on your computer, most likely you will not be able to see it in Windows Task Manager or Programs menu because the program manages to disappear from these locations. This program violates your privacy and sends comprehensive logs to the person that monitors it. This tool might be used against you by your mistrustful second half, employer, or parents.

What is worse, it is almost impossible to understand that a computer is being monitored by such programs because it shows no signs of existence. The only signs that can reveal someone’s bad intentions are their know-too-much talks or noticeable system slowdowns.

If you suspect that someone has installed this keylogger on your system, remove Ardamax Keylogger with an anti-malware tool like Reimage or Malwarebytes Anti Malware. To remove it, start your PC in a Safe Mode with Networking first. If you do not know how to reboot your PC in this mode, follow Ardamax removal instructions provided below.

Detecting spyware

Keyloggers are not viruses, and they do not self-replicate. This tool is a paid program that can be downloaded from its official website. To reach your computer system, it needs to be installed manually. So if you discovered this tracking software on your system, you should think about people who have access to your computer.

One of them probably was trying to find answers to questions they didn’t want to ask you directly. You should definitely talk to such people, but first of all, delete this keylogger from the system to terminate its activity.

Terminate Ardamax Keylogger

Although the attacker can set the key combination that launches the keylogger, we suggest you try this combination: CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+H[2]. The official developer also promotes its specific tool to remove Ardamax keylogger. You might try it as well.This way, you might successfully open the program and find out where it sends the collected information.

You should find an email address that receives log files filled with data about you and your activities online. However, if you cannot launch the program this way but you still believe that the system is infected with this keylogger, you should read Ardamax removal instructions provided below the article and prepare the machine for the elimination of this shady program. All users, not only US or PRC[3] residents, should be wary of keyloggers.

To remove Ardamax virus, we suggest using anti-malware tools because it is hard to find such program that is programmed to stay hidden and spy on the user as long as possible.

We might be affiliated with any product we recommend on the site. Full disclosure in our Agreement of Use. By Downloading any provided Anti-spyware software to remove Ardamax Keylogger you agree to our privacy policy and agreement of use.
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Reimage (remover) Happiness
Reimage (remover) Happiness
Compatible with Microsoft Windows Compatible with OS X
What to do if failed?
If you failed to remove infection using Reimage, submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.
Reimage is recommended to uninstall Ardamax Keylogger. Free scanner allows you to check whether your PC is infected or not. If you need to remove malware, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage malware removal tool.

Note: Manual assistance required means that one or all of removers were unable to remove parasite without some manual intervention, please read manual removal instructions below.

More information about this program can be found in Reimage review.
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Ardamax Keylogger manual removal:

Kill processes:

Delete registry values:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunArdamax Keylogger


HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareArdamax Keylogger Lite

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsApp Pathsakl.exe

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallArdamax Keylogger

Delete files:

Delete directories:
C:Program FilesArdamax Keylogger

C:Program FilesNSK

Manual Ardamax Keylogger Removal Guide:

Remove Ardamax Keylogger using Safe Mode with Networking

Please read the following instructions carefully. You will need to start your anti-malware software when the computer is running in a Safe Mode with Networking; if you do not have an anti-malware software, boot the computer as instructed below and then download one of malware removers that we recommend.

  • Step 1: Reboot your computer to Safe Mode with Networking

    Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    1. Click Start Shutdown Restart OK.
    2. When your computer becomes active, start pressing F8 multiple times until you see the Advanced Boot Options window.
    3. Select Safe Mode with Networking from the list Select 'Safe Mode with Networking'

    Windows 10 / Windows 8
    1. Press the Power button at the Windows login screen. Now press and hold Shift, which is on your keyboard, and click Restart..
    2. Now select Troubleshoot Advanced options Startup Settings and finally press Restart.
    3. Once your computer becomes active, select Enable Safe Mode with Networking in Startup Settings window. Select 'Enable Safe Mode with Networking'
  • Step 2: Remove Ardamax Keylogger

    Log in to your infected account and start the browser. Download Reimage or other legitimate anti-spyware program. Update it before a full system scan and remove malicious files that belong to your ransomware and complete Ardamax Keylogger removal.

If your ransomware is blocking Safe Mode with Networking, try further method.

Remove Ardamax Keylogger using System Restore

  • Step 1: Reboot your computer to Safe Mode with Command Prompt

    Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    1. Click Start Shutdown Restart OK.
    2. When your computer becomes active, start pressing F8 multiple times until you see the Advanced Boot Options window.
    3. Select Command Prompt from the list Select 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt'

    Windows 10 / Windows 8
    1. Press the Power button at the Windows login screen. Now press and hold Shift, which is on your keyboard, and click Restart..
    2. Now select Troubleshoot Advanced options Startup Settings and finally press Restart.
    3. Once your computer becomes active, select Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt in Startup Settings window. Select 'Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt'
  • Step 2: Restore your system files and settings
    1. Once the Command Prompt window shows up, enter cd restore and click Enter. Enter 'cd restore' without quotes and press 'Enter'
    2. Now type rstrui.exe and press Enter again.. Enter 'rstrui.exe' without quotes and press 'Enter'
    3. When a new window shows up, click Next and select your restore point that is prior the infiltration of Ardamax Keylogger. After doing that, click Next. When 'System Restore' window shows up, select 'Next' Select your restore point and click 'Next'
    4. Now click Yes to start system restore. Click 'Yes' and start system restore
    Once you restore your system to a previous date, download and scan your computer with Reimage and make sure that Ardamax Keylogger removal is performed successfully.

Finally, you should always think about the protection of crypto-ransomwares. In order to protect your computer from Ardamax Keylogger and other ransomwares, use a reputable anti-spyware, such as Reimage, Plumbytes Anti-MalwareWebroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus or Malwarebytes Anti Malware

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  • Vasko

    Anyone having problems with ardamax uninstalation process can simply visit the official site and search in it for the ardamax uninstall tool. it is free and does a great job. After using it, just restart. For all others trying to do it manually, you should know that every version of ardamax has its own name and creates its own instalation folder. I mean that version 3.9 creates a folder like MAIWEQ, and 4.0 creates completely different one. Also the .exe file have different names every time you install the keylogger. So using the official uninstall tool from the site is the best option so far.

  • akcteam

    bring back my crossfire account

  • Ian kenneth from PH

    if you already uninstalled it… then after restarting your computer it is installed again…

    you need to go to. C:, windows, system32, look for a folder named “MAIWEQ”
    it is disguised… i destroyed it my self… after deleting this f……! folder…

  • Sean

    After finally getting rid of ardamax 3.9 how do I enable my profile settings again that the program turned off. When I try to install a new program I get a error that says I dont have permission. ( I am logged on as admin. ) Every time I open Google it says it cannot find my profile. ANY HELP???

  • Parigyan

    The hotkey to open Ardamax Keylogger 3.9 is ctrl+shift+alt+h, and ardamax keylogger hides the processes.And it is created in a folder like CSJ .

    Source: my own experience

  • Roger

    for me, only snapshot is updating rather than keystrokes. How do i make changes to get keystrokes logs?

  • 26benjamin

    For me, the key comnination is Ctrl-Alt-Shift-H which brings it up in the task bar.

    Another way of removing it is to download the software from their website (free version), one of the included .exe files is an uninstaller

  • Homer265

    Lolz, the Ardamax Keylogger that may be reading what im typing is noob…
    I've been warned it is very stealthy, and I want to be really sure It is gone…
    So ill do what it says. =D

  • Guest

    It might be one of your “friends” who have installed the ardamax keylogger to your computer. TRUST NO ONE!

  • nave

    my home is a very slowly

    why did it?

  • Guest

    I had exactly the same problem with Ardamax Keylogger and Xoftspy – it “sees” it but fails to identify it as a threat or remove it. I wound up reimaging my hard drive.

    I am preplexed as to how it entered my system since I am running Norton Internet Security, Xoftspy, and Spybot Search & Destroy. All are updated weekly.

    • Chris

      This could of happened when you installed a program you downloaded it from the internet
      Ardamax has a feature to bind it to another file, so when you run the file that it was binded to, it silently installs along with the file your using

  • Guest

    This is weird…I ran xoftspy, it sees the ardamax but it won't register it as a spyware. I searched for the akl.exe and the dll but it's not on my system…what's going on here?