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Remove Christina Morrow text scam (Free Instructions) - Tutorial

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Christina Morrow text scam is an SMS scam message that includes a malicious link inside

Christina Morrow text scam
Christina Morrow text scam is a fake message that claims that Christina Morrow has shared a photo album with the user

Christina Morrow text scam is a set of messages that users from all telecommunication providers have been receiving recently. The text explains that “Christina Morrow” has shared an album on Facebook, and also provides a clickable phishing link. Some users explained that they are linked to the Google Play store and are prompted to download App Store Upload app. Additionally, users reported that the number that texts are coming from change every time, so blocking them has no effect. Allegedly, the phones of random users are used to generate the SMS message to even more victims. Each text costs AU$0.05 to receive and is being sent as often as two hours apart. While Christina Morrow scam is not malware that infected mobile phones, there are several steps that users can do in order to stop these messages.

Name Christina Morrow text scam
Type Spam
Related Facebook virus
Associated apps Google Photos Upload app
Affected devices iPhones, Androids
Content SMS message claiming that Christina Morrow shared a 
Elimination Factory reset
Optimization To keep your device optimize, install Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego

As reported from users, Christina Morrow text scam is most prevalent in Australia, affecting users who employ Telstra, Optus,[1] Vodaphone, or other service providers. Unfortunately, because the numbers which the scam messages are coming from are changing every time, phone service providers cannot do anything, as stopping SMS is not something they can legally do.

Users are left with many questions and no answers: repeated SMS spam on all phones, including iPhones and Android devices and from many different service providers. Additionally, each of the SMS is not free, so people are concerned that they are losing money over Christina Morrow text scam.

Christina Morrow text scam is a bizarre occurrence, and cybercriminals are employing sophisticated techniques to make this scheme successful. Experts[2] speculate that the culprit is certain apps that gained the permission to send SMS and read contact lists. Allegedly, some of the inbuilt apps like Flash Player may be involved.

The only way to remove Christina Morrow text scam is to perform a factory reset on the phone. Additionally, the following tips might help you:

  • Certain devices can block messages based on a keyword. Explore that capability and ban any incoming texts that contain “Christina Morrow” (note that the address varies, but always includes this keyword);
  • Call your phone provider and ask it to block all premium texts to be sent to your device;
  • Report the incident to ACCC's (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) Scamwatch;[3]
  • Use security application that can recognize and stop spam messages.

Once you reset your phone, we recommend keeping it fresh by using Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego.

Christina Morrow scam
Christina Morrow text is a scam message that prompts users to click on unsafe links

Do not download apps from third-party sites

While it is unclear how malicious actors manage to gain access to the contact list of the host, we believe that the whole scheme is closely related to certain apps that are obtained from third-party websites.

Therefore, users are highly advised staying away from sites that promote applications that might look and feel legitimate, but in reality, are not. Certain applications can grant themselves administrator's rights and perform many unsolicited changes within the phone, be it an iPhone or Android device.

Therefore, only install apps from legitimate sources, such as Google Play Store, Amazon or Apple's App Store.

Stop receiving Christina Morrow text scam on your phone

Because phone service providers cannot do much, and blocking phone numbers does very little, we suggest a drastic solution to remove Christina Morrow text scam from the device permanently. However, that is currently the only solution that works for users.

To perform Christina Morrow text scam removal from your device, you will have to factory reset it. However, you should back up your personal files like photos, videos, music, and similar data first so you would not lose it. To do that, connect your mobile phone to the computer or another remote device, and copy the data over.

Additionally, you might want to keep the list of all the currently installed apps that are trusted and verified (in case you do not have Google account connected), in order to reinstall them later (all the applications will be deleted with the factory reset, together with all your linked accounts. So make sure you write down the relevant information first).

To stop Christina Morrow text messages, perform a factory reset on your phone:

  • Go to Settings and locate System
  • Tap on Reset options
  • Choose Erase all data (factory reset)
  • Go down and press Reset phone button
  • To confirm the action, enter your PIN
  • Press Continue > Erase everything

Christina Morrow scam removal
To stop fraudulent messages, you should perform a factory reset on your phone

Your device will restart, and you will be ready to start anew. Hopefully, this will help you stop the Christina Morrow scam appearing on your phone again.

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