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FBI Cybercrime Division virus
is also known as Ukash virus | Type: Ransomware | Tags: Ukash

FBI Cybercrime Division virus is a ransomware threat, which similarly to FBI virus is used to rip PC users off by using a bogus notification. In order to convince its victims that they have a deal with a real governmental authority, this malicious application firstly takes computer a hostage by locking it down. As a result, victim sees only a huge notification reading: ‘FBI. CYBERCRIME DIVISION, International Cyber Protection Alliance. Attention! Your PC is blocked due at least one of the reasons specified below’. Typically, FBI Cybercrime Division virus claims that user has violated several crimes and now he needs to pay a fine of $300. Besides, virus disconnects its victims from the Internet and locks them out from all computer’s features. The main thing, which must be remembered, is that legitimate authorities don’t block PCs when they need to collect fines. While this notification seems really trustworthy, you should never believe it. Even if it shows you your IP address or location, you must ignore this scam alert and remove infection instead.

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH FBI Cybercrime Division virus?

FBI Cybercrime Division virus is distributed by Trojan, which hides inside spam, fake software updates and similar infected downloads. Besides, various illegal sites can also be included into its distribution, so stay away from gaming or gambling websites. As soon as this Trojan gets inside computer, it blocks the entire system down and claims that user has violated law of United States of America. According to it, he was identified by IP and ISP and now must pat a fine of $300 using Greendot MoneyPak voucher:

International Cyber Security Protection Alliance
Your PC is blocked due at least one of the reasons specified below.
You have been violating Copyright and Related Rights Law. (Video, Music, Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, thus infringing Article 1, Section 2, Clause 8, also known as the Copyright of the Criminal Code of United States of America.
Article 1, Section 2, Clause 8 of the Criminal Code provides for a fine of 200 to 500 minimal wages or a deprivation of liberty for 2 to 8 years.
You have been viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content (Child Porn/Zoophilia and etc). Thus violating Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Criminal Code of United States of America.
Fines may only be paid within 72 hours after the infringement. As soon as 72 hours elapse, the possibility to pay the fine expires, and a criminal case is initiated against you automatically within the next 72 hours! To unblock the computer you must pay the fine through MoneyPak of $300. When you pay the fine, your PC will get unlocked in 1 to 72 hours after the money is put into the State’s account.
Since your PC is unlocked, you will be given 7 days to correct all violations.In case all violations are not corrected after 7 working days, your PC will be blocked again, and a criminal case will be initiated against you automatically under one or more articles specified above.

Be sure that all this notification is a huge scam, which seeks to get you out of your money. Please, ignore it and remove FBI Cybercrime Division virus from the system.

HOW CAN I REMOVE FBI Cybercrime Division virus?

When trying to remove FBI Cybercrime Division virus, you have to unlock your computer first. In order to get an ability to scan your compromised computer with a decent anti-malware, follow these options:

* Flash drive method:

1. Take another machine and use it to download SpyHunter STOPzilla or Malwarebytes Anti Malware.
2. Update the program and put into the USB drive or simple CD.
3. In the meanwhile, reboot your infected machine to Safe Mode with command prompt and stick USB drive in it.
4. Reboot computer infected with FBI Cybercrime Division virus once more and run a full system scan.

* Users infected with  FBI Cybercrime Division virus are allowed to access other accounts on their Windows systems. If one of such accounts has administrator rights, you should be capable to launch anti-malware program.

*   Try to deny the Flash to make your ransomware stop function as intended. In order to disable the Flash, go to Macromedia support and select 'Deny': After doing that, run a full system scan with anti-malware program.

* Manual  FBI Cybercrime Division virus removal:

  1. Reboot you infected PC to 'Safe mode with command prompt' to disable FBI Cybercrime Division virus (this should be working with all versions of this threat)
  2. Run Regedit
  3. Search for WinLogon Entries and write down all the files that are not explorer.exe or blank. Replace them with explorer.exe.
  4. Search the registry for these files you have written down and delete the registry keys referencing the files.
  5. Reboot and run a full system scan with updated SpyHunter to remove remaining FBI Cybercrime Division virus files. We also recommend using STOPzillaor Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

Automatic FBI Cybercrime Division virus removal:

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SpyHunter is recommended remover to uninstall FBI Cybercrime Division virus. You should confirm using free trial that it detects current version of parasite.
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What to do if you failed to remove the infection?
If you failed to remove FBI Cybercrime Division virus using SpyHunter, read here how to submit a support ticket or submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.

Alternate Software

We are testing STOPzilla's efficiency at removing FBI Cybercrime Division virus (2013-02-11 02:21:44)
Malwarebytes Anti Malware
We are testing Malwarebytes Anti Malware's efficiency at removing FBI Cybercrime Division virus (2013-02-11 02:21:44)
XoftSpySE Anti Spyware
We are testing XoftSpySE Anti Spyware's efficiency at removing FBI Cybercrime Division virus (2013-02-11 02:21:44)
Defender Pro Ultimate
We are testing Defender Pro Ultimate's efficiency at removing FBI Cybercrime Division virus (2013-02-11 02:21:44)
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Help Line to remove FBI Cybercrime Division virus

FBI Cybercrime Division virus screenshot

Geolocation of FBI Cybercrime Division virus

This map reveals the prevalence of FBI Cybercrime Division virus. Countries and regions that have been affected the most are: United States.

QR code for FBI Cybercrime Division virus removal instructions

FBI Cybercrime Division virus qrcode QR is short for Quick Response. They can be read quickly by the mobile phones. QR codes can store more data than standard barcodes, including url links, geo coordinates, and text.
The reason we add QR code to the website is that parasites like FBI Cybercrime Division virus are really hard to remove on infected computer. you can quicly scan the QR code with your mobile device and have manual removal instructions to uninstall FBI Cybercrime Division virus right in your pocket.
Simply use the QR scanner and read removal instructions from mobile device.

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Modern viruses are really hard to remove. They have random file names, random registry entries, they can immitale legal products and files. Removal instructions sometimes can't Help to remove infection manually. Please take a look at our discussion where users like you share they experience in fighting the parasite:

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It can be done by a easier method once you go in truh safe mode with networking go to your account settings and make a new log in delete the old one and wala restart ur computer and ur good to go.
create new acct. (copy desktop, docs, music, etc. dont save hidden folders to a folder on c:)
logoff and login on new acct.
Delete original acct.
overwrite new acct folders with your backed up copy.
run anti-malware software.
voila :)
Lost child
It gets stuck at microsoft windows
Hi cant get this stupid virus off my computer is there anyone that can help me Im not great with computers personally ii dont use it and think there junk
This also worked for me, funny how the best solution to this virus was found in a blog and not the 10 web page solutions I tried
Normal Person
With all due respect, when are you computer geeks going to learn to translate nerd talk into common English? Youre as bad as doctors. Can anyone actually provide step-by-step instruction to do what you suggested? Anyone?
I just got a customer computer (XP) in that also was infected in safe mode. I ended up booting it with a linux live CD and manually deleted flash player and java to disable the virus. After a restart into Windows, I was able to run scans and clean out the leftovers. then reinstall Flash and Java.
Natti student girl rooky
Im not too knowledgeable about computers but,I know just enough to survive in pc world. With this virus (FBI virus) I was told that you need to act fast because if you wait too long the damages would be irreversible. I went to walmart and purchased norton anti-virus prior to doing the following.
turn off cpu completely
turn on and keep pressing F8 key to get it to safe mode with netwoking then-------- I followed what Bernado and Voynik suggested.
I created a new account and made it administrator (to be able to control changes).
I deleted the other account (since Im in college files were backed up, my pictures, and a couple other things were not, so I deleted all to be on safe side.)
I turned cpu off again accessed account on regular mode and installed Anti-viral software to clean any file that were corrupted and protect pc from further malaware, virus... and voila! Done!
hope this helps! :)
Latest version of this virus does not allow you to enter any safe mode. it cycles back to choices before opening normal XP window login.
Have not found a way around it. Anyone seen the latest and have a solution?
You need to go into safe mode with command prompt, and type in explorer and any other .exe program you want to run
This showed up for me today 8-28-13 at about (4 pm MDT) I knew something was up when my desktop started acting strange then freezing up. Suddenly a page popped up filling the whole screen. It looked legit, better than all the older versions I looked at when seeing if this was a hoax or not. It had repetitive INTERPOL graphics as the background with headlines stating (FBI CYBERCRIME DIVISION) you know the rest if youre here reading this. Anyway I couldnt log back in or do anything this same screen kept coming up. I went to the library to use their internet and find out about all of this. I called many companies to see if they could help. Yoo Security in particular; I said I just got this fbi ransomware virus..they said I need to pay $60 to remove the virus, I said yuck fou and hung up. Went back home to see if I could fix it myself first try I started in safety mode with networking.. to no avail it logged me out and restarted the computer once I logged in. Second attempt I used safety mode with command prompt it showed up with the C:windowssystem32>(here I typed: rstrui.exe) and pressed enter the system restore screen came up and I restored to an earlier date. I was able to log in and after that I looked up malwarebytes anti malware downloaded it (free) and it scanned about 5 trojans with RNSM in the title so I knew that was my problem right there. I hit delete after scan was completed and now here I am typing you this. NO problems so far, lets hope it stays like that!
I tried exactly that and after.i did it took me to.a white page and hasnt moved
FBI virus has attacked my old Dell XP computer. I have tried to follow the steps on three web pages and blogs with no success. When I get to safe mode with command, my computer has C:document and setting>, no matter what I type I get an error message. In safe mode with networking, the virus takes over. Help me please!
Hit control +alt+ delete then start new task. U can browser files an open programs that way
I too have this virus and I believe it comes in through a fake Java Update. You computer will say that its updating java, shortly after this the webcam (if you have one) will take snap shot of you with will appear in the fake FBI Warning. Your computer however is not really locked. If you hit ctrl+alt+del then select log off, it will free up your computer. Cancel the log off when it asks for confirmation and you can use computer again, like Im doing right now. They also upped the price of the fine from 300 to 450.

Malwarebytes detected a file called Fake Flash(torjan) when I ran a scan. It quarantined and deleted the file successfully this morning, however just a few minutes ago my computer tried to update java, and the virus is back. Im going to try deleting flash and java then running the Anti Malware program as well as Security Essentials. Ill then reinstall both programs and see what happens. Will keep you posted.
Well i just bought Malwarebytes full version cause i have ran it, and sby bot search and destroys free version and last night it let me play my Ultima Online and talk on icq. Left my computer up and the ONLY thing i had running was icq (online messenger for those that dont know). But i wasnt connected to anything else.. However my computer has been trying over an over to get me to update that Java script crap. So i am wondering if that is what is causing me to get this again an again.. I sincerely hope this works i am getting very frustrated. I will let you know if this anti virus set helps in just a moment.
I have this virus that keeps popping up it wont let me do anything my computer is locked even when I go into safe mode it just shows a blank page
I used Norton Power Eraser to try and rid of this virus. Found 1 file - Deleted and now running normal scans. Nothing to report besides the usual tracking cookies. Now I just wait and see if it comes back or not, Anyone else try Norton Power Eraser? Or better yet a list of virus file names so I know if the one I deleted is the same or if I still need to invest in other removal tools.
Randy Tennison
His work i am whant Fbi remove my taptop
I got this warning today and it block by computer and "It scared the ever living crap out of me!" I nearly rushed to Wal-Greens for that money poack...Damn I need to get rid of this virus!
Geero : That was awesome advise. This happened on my comp and what you had said with starting it in promps and resetting the comp to an earlier date worked. Even if I tried in safe networking it still would not let me do anything. Then I tried your advise and bam it worked..... Thanks a lot.
I tried exactly that and after.i did it took me to.a white page and hasnt moved
Reply »
Computer Savvy
Leave it to moronic bloggers to feed lies and ignorance to those that are legitimately concerned. Just clear the cache of the "infected" browser and kill the process to close the window. Your computer has not been infected. Its just a clever bit of javascript. No need to spend your money on antivirus software, or even waste your time with the aforementioned method in general.
VT User
Exactly what I did. Start Task Manager (CTRL, ALT, DEL), end browser you were using when this happened (Chrome, Internet Explorer), Reopen that same browser and decline to reopen pages that were present when you ended the program with Task Manager, Open Settings and clear your Cache, History, etc.
Hi my computer has been infected with the ICE Cyber Crimer Center and the screen in blocked saying "Your computer has been blocked" The tricky thing here is I am not able to boot my system with Safe mode as it has dual boot (Windows 7 and XP).

The windows Xp operating system is right now affected with the Virus and not able to get in to the XP in any manner. In this case how do I get rid off this issue?
Samuel F. Campbell
Hope they have a video on YouTube on this Matter, Im running My Advanceed SystemCare 6, McAfee Security Scan Plus, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast!, Spybot - Search & Deystroy, IObit Malware Fighter, and updating my Malwarebyt, and NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M gamming driver with a driver from Driver Booster v1.0Free, While installing SpyHunter Downloader. All in attempt to remove

Country: United States
Region: CO
City: Aurora

Your Browser has been blocked for safety reasons listed below. All activities of this computer have been recorded. All your files are encrypted.

An amount of 300$ You can settle the fine with MoneyPack or MoneyGram express Packet vouchers.

As soon as the money arrives to the Tresury account, your browser will be unlocked and all information will be decrypted in course of 24 hours.
Then it goes on about criminal case etc...

Oh by the way after all this I restarted my computer and cound not find the FBI Virus any where and believe me I tried everywhere.
The Google took me to a search ad of a woman who died Jan1, 1992 at 107 years of age Grace Hopper, a Computer scientist Navy Admiral and math whiz, she taught computers to talk.
Samuel F. Campbell
I did it! Got rid of mine.
Please help me !
i got it on windows *, i hit ctrl alt del and ended the internet browser throughtask manager and the virus apppears to b gone
I got this virus in my cell damn how I can remove

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