What is bridge.dll? Should I remove it?

Bridge.dll – a questionable component used for monitoring activities in IE that can be planted on the system by spyware

Bridge.dll is a browser helper object (BHO) that is usually located in C:\Windows\System32 folder (space taken: 69,632 bytes) and used for monitoring Internet Explorer. Just like any other BHO, the file starts running every time the user launches his/her browser and it is not stopped by a personal firewall because this file will also be identified as a browser.

According to some sources, this file can be put on the system by spyware or adware and is detected by LoudMarketing.Bridge/WinFavorites, Trojan-Spy.Win32.Briss.i names. Also, experts claim that this suspicious component can be planted on the computer system by Flingstone Bridge Spyware and come together with the bridge.ini component.

Name bridge.dll
Type Spyware-related file
Aim To monitor actions on Internet Explorer
Location C:\Windows\System32
Space 69,632 bytes
Danger This type of document might be planted as a spyware or adware program on the computer
Removal Use FortectIntego to detect all possible malware strings 

Situations where this Dynamic Link Library file is used can be very diverse – it can be used to monitor Internet browser, kill important processes and delete the files. However, this component is not a necessary object of any type of operating system and is even classified as a malicious browser add-on by different antivirus engine.

Bridge.dll virus is also a name used to describe this object due to its unknown appearance some times. Such type of file might approach the system through freeware services such as Youtube Downloader, PDF Converter, and similar. After that, the .dll component will start launching each type you open your web browser.

However, if you did not purposely install the app and it has landed on your computer system somehow, be very careful as adware, spyware, or even a Trojan horse might be lurking behind this name. If an ad-supported application is what has reached your system, you will supposedly receive an excessive amount of advertising.

Since this DLL is a part of adware, it might start causing malicious redirects to potentially dangerous websites. Here you might be able to catch an infection of other hazardous and more advanced malware. However, this is not the worst that can be brought to your system by the file. It can also relate to the downloading of spyware or Trojan viruses.

If such threats land on your system thanks to bridge.dll, be prepared to face difficult system problems. Even though spyware or trojans do not usually alert about themselves, they might show some small signs of their appearance. If such malware resides on your computer, you will supposedly encounter high CPU usage, software crashes, and system struggles.

Nevertheless, these threats often know how to avoid computer security software so that they could carry out malicious activities of their own. Be aware that malware might start spying on your personal data, collect credentials, and misuse this information in monetary or identity theft.

Due to the mentioned reasons, it is very important to remove all unwanted programs from your computer system immediately. Use a tool such as FortectIntego to identify if this component is malicious and if the anti-malware alerts about the possible danger, go straight looking for options on how to get rid of the file from your machine.

Our advice would be to opt for automatic bridge.dll removal as manual actions might possess more harm than expected. Additionally, ensure that you choose a trustworthy program for the malware elimination process. However, if you have installed the file by yourself, it is up to your own choice, to leave it on the system or not.

Malware often reaches the system pretending to be legitimate files

Technology experts have discovered that dangerous malware is often planted in legitimate-looking documents/files and sent straight to the user through spam emails or distributed on freeware download websites, piracy networks. Taking recommended precautionary measures will help you to avoid unwanted installations:

  1. Ensure that you always have an antivirus program working on your computer system. Keep the tool always updated so that you will not encounter any problems with it.
  2. Avoid visiting third-party networks that lack protection and might contain infectious objects. These sources are considered to be piracy websites (The Pirate Bay), video-watching pages, gambling sites, and gaming networks.
  3. Always be careful while carrying out computing and browsing actions. Avoid stepping on questionable hyperlinks or accessing third-party content such as advertisements.
  4. Keep al software updated. This part is valid not only for antivirus tools but for completely all software. By performing regular updates to your programs, you will be sure that no flaws will appear and be misused by hackers.

The removal process of bridge.dll virus

If you have not opted for the installation of this file, you should immediately remove bridge.dll from your Windows computer system before it starts causing trouble. In case some malware was installed, use a tool such as FortectIntego, SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner, or Malwarebytes to scan the entire machine and search for possible damage.

You should also instantly get rid of the component if you see two of the same name processes running on your system. In this case, bridge.dll removal is necessary as there cannot be two identical names of a file if it is legitimate or not a virus. However, if you have downloaded the file under your own will and have not spotted any suspicious activities, it is up to you, to remove it or not.

Unfortunately, if the component appears to be malware-related and you aim to delete it, make sure that you choose a trustworthy tool only and do not try to get rid of the file on your own as manual elimination might bring only more damage than help to you and your computer system. Additionally, after the removal, be more careful in the future and take all precaution steps possible for avoiding similar malware.

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Alternative Software
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