What is temp.dll? Should I remove it?

Temp.dll is a dynamic link library file that might be related to adware or some legitimate Windows processes

Temp.dll is a portable executable file that cannot be opened without the help of .exe file within the Windows operating system. Initially, the executable can be used by a legitimate Windows framework – .NET. Nevertheless, the files might also be a part of the adware[1] program from the late 2000s called BestSearch.

Adware belongs to potentially unwanted program category – these applications usually use deceptive distribution methods to infect users' devices and perform unwanted activities on the host machines, such as redirecting, displaying ads, and even downloading other PUPs.

Temp.dll contains bits of data that can be launched by the .exe file, such as rundll.exe or rundll32.exe executables which serve as an entry point for the library file. The bits of data that is hidden inside can vary, depending on which process is controlling the file. For that reason, Temp.dll might be either malicious or harmless.

Name Temp.dll
Type Dynamic Link Library file
A part of .NET Framework or BestSearch adware
Distribution  Adware is distributed via software bundles or can be downloaded on third-party sites
Symptoms  Frequent redirects to unknown sites, changed web browser settings, pop-up ads on all visited sites, etc.
Risks  Adware can result in the installation of potentially dangerous software, loss of money or even malware infections 
Termination Use anti-malware software or terminate adware manually
Recovery If your device was infected by adware, you should also scan it with FortectIntego to recover from its damage

Nevertheless, if the file is legitimate, there is no need to remove Temp.dll from your system. The best way to find out whether it is malicious or not is by scanning your system with security software. If it detects a malware, you should immediately terminate it, refresh your browsers and then scan the computer with FortectIntego to fix virus damage.

If Temp.dll is related to adware, however, it might be dangerous. Some potentially unwanted software can easily be called spyware because of its spying activities it performs on users when it is present on the machine. For example, the following data can be tracked, stored, and even shared with third-parties:

  • IP address
  • Geolocation
  • Search queries
  • Links clicked
  • Bookmarks added
  • Websites visited
  • Technical details, etc.

While this data is not considered personally-identifiable, be aware that some of it might disclose your identity, such as search queries. Besides, the dangers of Temp.dll virus are hidden also in its redirection tendencies, where users might download malicious applications that record keystrokes, take screenshots, or install malware on the device. In such a case, credit card details and other sensitive data might be exposed to cybercriminals.

This situation is highly unlikely though, especially if you do not click on various links everywhere you get redirected to. Nevertheless, more novice users might be tricked by clever plots of tech support scammers or enter their details on spoofed sites.

To avoid all the negative consequences, users who are infected with BestSearch should immediately remove Temp.dll component from their systems, as it poses considerable security risks. To find out where the .dll file is malicious, scan your system with anti-malware software, and then follow up with FortectIntego for best results.

Adware is spread via software bundles

Security experts[2] and the community are showing their growing concerns when it comes to adware – the “not-a-virus” software that can spy on users, deliver potentially dangerous content and even compromise the safety of the host computer. For that reason, some researchers already prompt adware to be called what it truly is – malware.[3]

Even if some adware can be relatively harmless, there is no way for less proficient computer users to differentiate. Nevertheless, the developers of deceptive software precisely rely on such kind of audience – their lack of knowledge guarantees income. Therefore, it is best to avoid adware altogether.

To do that, you do not have to be an advanced computer user. All you have to do is pay more attention to the installation process of shareware or freeware. Free application installers from third-party sites often include optional components that are hidden using various ticks (pre-selected boxes, misleading button placements, deceptive offers, etc.).

Thus, make sure you take your time while installing software – remove all the ticks, check for important documents, decline all the deals or offers and, most importantly, pick Advanced/Custom settings when prompted.

Remove Temp.dll file it is related to BestSearch adware

You should only remove Temp.dll if the file is related to BestSearch. If you want to do it manually, check out the following folders:

  • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\MegaHost.dll
  • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\MegaInstaller.exe
  • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\temp.dll

Nevertheless, be aware that Temp.dll virus might also create and modify keys inside the registry, which is not recommended to touch. For that, you should use FortectIntego – it can fix the Windows registry and other parts of the system that got affected by the potentially unwanted program.

Full Temp.dll removal can be performed with the help of security software – simply perform a full system scan. This option is always recommended for less computer-savvy individuals, as it will take care of everything automatically.

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