Stay safe online - 2024-05-18

Microsoft releases updates to address 44 security vulnerabilities

Microsoft continuously patches flaws in its software and releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month.More
News Web browsers   June 15, 2016  

Hackers strike again with another major data leakage

Having your social media account hacked is probably one of the scariest and most unpleasant experiences in the modern day world.More
News   June 13, 2016  

Ransomware is booming: new versions are released every day

The Jigsaw ransomware creators do not seem to stand back even after the Jigsaw decryption tool was released.More
News   June 13, 2016  

Adware on Google Play Store: what apps you should look out for

With Euro 2016 and Copa America championships on their way, the cyber criminals are not simply going to miss a chance to benefit from the sports fans around the world.More
News   June 13, 2016  

Ransomware: websites & banks among the latest targets

Recently, security experts released a warning reporting about a clear rise in ransomware attacks.More
News   June 13, 2016  

The long anticipated Flash Player update is here!

Flash software is used by millions of PC users each day, so there is no surprise why hackers are working hard to find its security flaws and use them to infect systems with viruses.More
News Security   June 13, 2016  

Automated Tax Refund Notification scam: what lies behind the fraud?

Scammers have manifested their creativity and mastery once again by attacking Internet users with fake HM Refund & Customs emails.More
News Spam and phishing   June 13, 2016  

Why fileless infections are the future viruses

Computer security experts have started discussing a new type of malware, which is known as “Fileless infections.” The main peculiarity of viruses that fall into this category is that they act without traces.More
News Security   June 13, 2016  

The case of “Panama papers” or what was revealed in the biggest data leakage

After the major scandal involving WikiLeaks shocked the international community, it seemed that there is nothing scandalous left.More
News   June 13, 2016  

Using Google Chrome may not protect you from adware

Recently, security experts discovered that one of Google Chrome's affiliated applications is causing redirects to advertising websites.More
News Security   June 13, 2016  

Cerber ransomware continues evolving, new features added

When the IT specialists first encountered Cerber, they did not have the idea what challenge they will have to face.More
News Viruses and parasites   June 13, 2016  

The end of Teslacrypt ransomware: authors release Master Key

Surprising news for victims of TeslaCrypt ransomware - authors of this disastrous virus have decided to shut down this project and release the Master Decryption Key.More
News   June 13, 2016  

Most of PC users still don’t know how dangerous ransomware is

Though cyber criminals have been on a roll releasing various ransomware viruses in recent years, surprisingly, there is still a significant number of Internet users who are not aware of this type of threat at all.More
News   May 26, 2016  

Preventing Locky virus: 5 tips for taking control

It is hard to find an Internet user who hasn‘t heard about Locky virus and its inflicted broad-scale damage on the entire online world.More
News Security   May 20, 2016  

TrueCrypt has changed its name to TrueCrypter and it is more active than before

The users who are interested in the cyber security may have heard about the virus, called the TrueCrypt.More
News   May 20, 2016