Stay safe online - 2019-02-22

What is Product Key Update virus (4)

Information about Product Key Update virus. Product Key Update virus is a malicious program that you can accidentally install on your computer by visiting untrustworthy websites, clicking on shady web advertisements, opening deceitful email attachments or installing freeware carelessly.More
Malware Viruses   May 19, 2016  

Productkeyupdate ads fix (2)

Why do I see Productkeyupdate ads on my computer? Productkeyupdate virus is classified as tech support scam, so you should never fall for its ads.More
Malware Viruses   May 19, 2016  

KMS virus removal (2)

Why should you not underestimate the KMS virus? KMS virus is a new computer threat which can enter the computer without the user’s permission and start making unauthorized changes.More
Malware Viruses   May 16, 2016  

Eliminate “Error code: 0x00AEM001489” virus (3)

What is there to know about "Error code: 0x00AEM001489" virus? More
Malware Viruses   May 13, 2016  

Uninstalling “Call certified Microsoft technicians” virus (4)

What is “Call certified Microsoft technicians” virus and how you can identify it? More
Malware Viruses   May 10, 2016  

Delete CCleaner (fake) (3)

What should you know about the fake version of CCleaner? There is a wide variety of false duplicate programs which try to convince you into downloading them, and malicious alternative of CCleaner is one of them.More
Malware Viruses   April 26, 2016  

Vnlgp Miner removal (5)

How dangerous is the Vnlgp Miner virus? If you have not heard about miner-type programs yet, Vnlgp Miner virus is a great example to get acquainted.More
Malware Viruses   April 14, 2016  

Facebook Child Porn virus removal (3)

Facts to know about Facebook Child Porn virus. Facebook Child Porn virus is a malicious software that circulates around the social media network in a form of a malicious link to a video.More
Malware Viruses   January 08, 2016  

Removing PC Health Kit (3)

If PC health is important to you, you may fall for installing PC Health Kit 3.2 or PC Health Kit Pro on your computer.More
Malware Viruses   December 15, 2015  

Delete First4DRM

WHAT IS FIRST4DRM? First4DRM is a rootkit published by First 4 Internet Ltd.More
Malware Viruses   August 21, 2015  

Uninstalling ATT email

What is ATT email ? ATT email is a fake message, which belongs to cyber criminals and seeks to infect computers with dangerous viruses.More
Malware Viruses   August 20, 2015  

Get rid of PClock virus

What is PClock? If you know what Cryptolocker is, then you will have no problem to understand what the PClock virus is.More
Malware Viruses   August 12, 2015  

Getting rid of Smart PC Cleaner

What is Smart PC Cleaner? Smart PC Cleaner is a misleading PC optimization tool, which has been added to potentially unwanted program and malware categories.More
Malware Viruses   August 07, 2015  

MSN virus removal

What is MSN virus? MSN virus is a dangerous trojan horse, which uses MSN Messenger for its distribution.More
Malware Viruses   July 13, 2015  

Eliminate Notice! Please update your FLV Player

What is "Notice! Please update your FLV Player"? “Notice!More
Malware Viruses   July 10, 2015  
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