What is Avlaunch.exe? Should I remove it?

Avlaunch.exe is the file belonging to the AV software Avast but can be abused by hackers due to a common name and file type

Avlaunch.exe is the component of a freeware security program that protects computers from various malware. This is a core process of the Avast Antivirus program, but not essential to Windows processes or OS. It is okay to disable the file and related process, but such a thing may create problems with the application itself and keep it from running properly. The file is normally stored in the Windows System folder and can be easily indicated as legitimate and safe this way.

However, when this process is causing frequent issues with shady processes or speed of the PC and is found in other folders, it is possible that the Avlaunch.exe virus is present on the computer instead of a legitimate AV component. Malware authors write their codes in such types of common files and programs to hide real purpose and dangerous activities. There are many factors that help determine the reason behind the issues regarding the existence of this executable.

Name Avlaunch.exe
Type of the file An executable file that launches the anti-malware software
Associated AVG and Avast Antivirus Products
Possible issues This launcher auto-starts the program and takes time, it opens up automatically and sometimes makes the system running slow by running in the background. A malicious file may get the same name of the legitimate component and deliver malware on the PC
Distribution If executable is legitimate it comes during the installation of software. Malicious files like this can come as attachments on emails or directly installed with pirated software
Diagnosis required? The common type of executable files and names related to antivirus software can be exploited by malicious actors, so you need ru run a scan using proper AV tool to know what to do further
Possible fix and solution Repair tools like FortectIntego can run a check on your OS files and indicate issues that need fixing. The program might even fix the corrupted or affected system files if needed

Avlaunch.exe is the file that runs strictly only on Windows OS, so malicious actors can run any type of cyber threats on the device with the help of such a common process that runs in the background with the security program. Each type of virus can cause unique problems on the device. Also, damaged or corrupted files can be the reason for different problems occurring on the system.[1]

If you notice the following symptoms on the machine it is possible that your machine is infected with Avlaunch.exe virus or any other program created for malicious purposes:

  • issues with internet connection;
  • processes using more CPU or memory than usual;
  • extremely slow performance and other speed issues;
  • pop-ups, promotional content, or advertisements, notifications appearing out of nowhere.

It is possible that similar issues occur due to corrupted but legitimate files, but there are some thing s you can do to determine the particular reason for issues. Avlaunch.exe can be related to cyber infection, so you should go to Task Manager and check the process tab to open the file location of the executable. This determines if the file is related to legitimate security applications or is affected by serious malware. The location should be C:\Windows\System32 to be sure that EXE is safe.

Avlaunch.exe is the start-up file of Avast security solution that offers anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-malware, automatic updates, HTTPS scanning, a Home Network Security scanner, DeepScreen, and much more valuable features. This tool is available for other OSs like Mac, but the executable file is a feature found on Windows only.

Avlaunch.exe is a type of file that starts when Windows starts, so applications can be monitored by the AV program all the time. This is not a dangerous file, so it is safe, even though it may cause issues or questions due to suspicious occurrence in the background and leftovers in the registry or stuck processes.

Even developers of the program determined that there is no need to remove Avlaunch.exe when it takes more time to launch because the application needs to load all the components one by one so it takes more than a few seconds to open and run AVG application. This is completely normal, and users should trust the company without any suspicions. Also, this is the problem that may be fixed by updating to a newer version of the security program, as Avast experts claim.[2]

However, Avlaunch.exe removal may be the only solution when it is causing serious problems like disabled apps or deleted files, permanently damaged parts of the OS. So run the diagnosis using either alternate AV tool or PC repair program like FortectIntego that may indicate issues with particular system files, registry entries. If you try to delete the questionable file yourself some important files can be removed permanently, and the PC gets damaged unrepairable. 

Complex threats use tricky distribution techniques

Executable files are common for Windows systems, so you can find many of them on the machine. Some of them run in the background constantly, so malware creators rely on these factors when creating their products. Third-party installation setups, file attachments from emails can include the EXE file that is automatically loaded on the PC.

Visiting links of pornographic content, torrents, commercial content pages can lead to infections too. So peer-to-peer sharing platforms and online games, pirated software downloading is not recommended by experts for a reason.[3] You should always pay attention to the source, legitimacy of the providers, freeware distributors, and commercial content you get to click on.

Choose Advanced options during any installations to see all the extra products and control what gets installed. Keeping proper AV tools can help you with that since many of those programs have a feature of checking every download and installation.

Determine the purpose and associations of Avlaunch.exe before you take any action

Avlaunch.exe virus is not the correct term for the file even when it is related to malicious processes, because such a file is most likely used as a payload dropper, not as a virus itself. Malicious code can be inserted on the executable, so your system gets infected with a trojan or worm automatically.

However, do not rush to remove Avlaunch.exe before diagnosis. It is not okay to assume that the file is malicious when it runs in the background alongside the application itself, so try to update the program first to repair any compatibility issues with the OS itself. Then you can check further. 

When you determine that executable is legitimate, you don't need an Avlaunch.exe removal. However, a system check is the best option here. You should run SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner, or Malwarebytes and see what issue get indicated. A repair tool like FortectIntego can fix problems regarding Windows OS files, so rely on this program when you find problems with the registry.

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Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Intego, try running Combo Cleaner.
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