What is msascuil.exe? Should I remove it?

Msascuil — a startup that belongs to Microsoft Corporation

Msascuil is a safe executable file which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. The filename stands for Microsoft antivirus security center user interface logo. Initially, this executable was first released in Redstone 1 update, 2016 and runs at startup on Windows 8, Windows 10, and others. Its purpose is to display the icon for the Windows antivirus software, also known as Windows Defender Center[1].

Even though Msascuil.exe is a legitimate executable file, there might be the malicious version of it on the cyberspace. Note that the Microsoft file should be located in C:\Program Files\Windows Defender directory. If you can find it in random places on your system, it might be malware disguised as an original program. 

Typically, you can verify the legitimacy of Msascuil by checking the following features of the file:

  1. Directory where it is located;
  2. File size;
  3. Whether it opens like most of the standard programs.

While malware is usually located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folders, the original file resides in the subfolder of C:\Program Files. Likewise, the first thing to do if you have any doubts about this software is to check the place where it is located. In case it is a malicious program, you can remove Msascuil.exe straight away.

If you are still concerned about Msascuil.exe, you can additionally take a look at the size of the file. Typically, it should vary from 483,840 bytes to 631,808 bytes depending on the version of Windows OS. Also, be aware that this program does not open a visible window once clicked.

Therefore, we suggest you follow the 3-step guide provided below if you notice any suspicious activity performed on your computer by the software. You can always quickly complete Msascuil.exe removal in case you are sure that it is malware. For that, use FortectIntego since it will double-check whether the executable is malicious for sure.

However, you should be aware that it might be dangerous to get rid of Msascuil in startup for no reason as it is a legitimate component. Microsoft support warns that this program is the component of Windows Defender which is responsible for protecting your system from malware and other high-risk computer infections. Likewise, uninstalling it might put your PC at risk.

Malware and other PUPs can come together with free applications

As mentioned above, Msascuil.exe is a safe file for Windows 10 users. However, this program might be disguised malware[2], if the version of Windows is older, like 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. Most commonly, it could have entered your system during the installation of the software, such as unreliable system optimization tools or file converters. 

While you install the applications with Recommended or Quick parameters set on the installer, there is no possible way to identify that the potentially unwanted program is bundled together. Likewise, always choose Custom or Advanced settings and never skip steps during the procedure.

Also, remember that you must un-tick pre-selected checkmarks which grant your permission to install the potentially unwanted program. However, experts from NoVirus.uk[3] say that you can always use professional antivirus software with real-time protection to stop you from infiltrating malware automatically. 

Get rid of Msascuil.exe virus 

We would like to kindly ask you to make sure that Msascuil.exe is malicious, before uninstalling it from your system. Note that if you delete this file without a strong reason, your computer vulnerabilities might be exposed to various cyber threats. You are advised to run a full system scan with professional antivirus software.

If it detects malware, you can remove Msascuil.exe automatically. Our top antivirus tool suggestions would be FortectIntego, SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes. They are tested by our IT experts and recommended for regular computer users. It will take only several minutes before your computer will be safe from malware, spyware or other hazards.

Additionally, please, DO NOT try to perform Msascuil.exe removal alone. Since this file is inextricably linked to Windows OS, you might damage the system if you accidentally delete other programs which are vital for your OS to operate properly. Therefore, always rely on the security software or the help of the professional IT expert.

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Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Intego, try running Combo Cleaner.
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