What is Msfeedssync.exe? Should I remove it?

Msfeedssync.exe is the file related to Internet Explorer that can get misused by malicious actors

Msfeedssync.exe is a legitimate process that runs on the Microsoft devices because it is a part of Windows Internet Explorer. The suspicions if the file is genuine or not comes from the regular errors and process running in Task Manager. Microsoft Feeds Synchronization starts running in the background when RSS feeds for Internet Explorer getting updated. This happens when the user enables automatic Feeds synchronization feature on their device.

However, this Msfeedssync.exe file can be found on the Windows System folder when it is safe. If the file is found in other places, the legitimacy should be considered. Various cybercriminals attempt to disguise malware with common types of such records and processes that run in the background. Run a system scan to diagnose the purpose of this executable file.

Name Msfeedssync.exe
Type Executable file
Purpose Microsoft file responsible for IE RSS feeds updates
Dangerous? Not malicious if the file is original and belongs to OS. However, it can disguise malware
Possible danger Can be disguising Trojan or Worm. Base the purpose of anti-malware tool detection[1]
Origin Microsoft
Distribution if malicious Infected email attachments, social engineering, and phishing attacks
Removal/ diagnosis When the executable causes errors, install FortectIntego and see if Msfeedssync.exe is malicious or safe

There is a possibility that your system is affected by Msfeedssync.exe virus because malware creators disguise various purposes using files like this that are commonly found in Task Manager and on the system in general. Trojans, in most cases, get distributed via DLL or EXE files and infiltrate systems from legitimate-looking emails. 

Unfortunately, trojans often are designed to steal information that is valuable for the victim or infiltrate the system with a secondary payload of malware like ransomware. The infiltration is undisclosed and unnoticeable, especially when Msfeedssync.exe and similar processes run in the background daily.  

The original Msfeedssync.exe is developed by Microsoft and belongs to web browser Internet Explorer. The file launches feed synchronization, and it is running in the background during such process. However, it shouldn't cause a high CPU or any excessive usage of computers' resources.[2] If anything like that is spotted, it is most likely a file hiding the trojan.

If Msfeedssync.exe is malicious it can be set to:

  • infiltrate the system and plant other malware;
  • install malicious scripts;
  • mine cryptocurrency in the background;
  • steal valuable information;
  • record keystrokes;
  • open backdoors for attackers.

RSS feeds are common with news and blog websites. When you visit the new website and automatically subscribe to RSS feed, Internet Explorer automatically runs new content to update. Msfeedssync.exe is a tack that gets scheduled in the Task Manager to check for the new content periodically.

Experts[3] advice to check the state of this file with anti-malware programs. When tools like FortectIntego fully stans the machine it detects all malicious programs and indicates of the record is malicious or not. If the application shows results like trojan, malware or worm and associates those names with Msfeedssync.exe, make sure to delete it ASAP.

Before Msfeedssync.exe removal, you should take other steps to make sure that this is not a malicious process:

  • Check the process location via Task Manager.
  • Select Open File Location when the Msfeedssync.exe appears running in the background.
  • C:\Windows\System folder is the appropriate location for the secure file.
  • The different path indicates malicious executable.

Remove Msfeedssync.exe with anti-malware tools and clean the system from any additional malware or corrupted files. Trojans and other malware can alter system preferences, so make sure to employ a trustworthy program and pay more attention to the process.

The typical way for malware distribution involves spam email attachments

Spam email campaigns, phishing messages, and similar tactics trick users into opening malicious notifications, downloading files and installing malware this way without even noticing the initial process if infiltration. Trojans, worms, and other malware hides in cracking tools, fake updates and even legitimate-looking emails sent from well- known companies. 

When the email appears in your email box, you should be aware and make sure if the message was expected or not. When the email contains files, documents or even PDFs and photos avoid clicking on then and especially opening and downloading the file on the computer. 

Malicious macros get triggered once the document is downloaded and opened on the targeted machine. This way malicious script launches a payload of a cryptovirus or installs malicious EXE, ZIP, DLL file directly. There is no need to ask for your permission so you cannot see what happens in the background, unfortunately. 

Clean the machine and delete Msfeedssync.exe using proper antivirus tools

Avoid such infiltrations of Msfeedssync.exe virus by paying more attention to processes running on the background and files you download on the device directly. Keep antivirus programs and let them run on the machine to block possible intruders and malicious programs before the infection happens. 

When you keep tools like FortectIntego, SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner, or Malwarebytes on the computer, you can remove Msfeedssync.exe or any other intruder as soon as it enters the system, or even block the access before it gets on the PC. 

When the Msfeedssync.exe removal is needed, you should rely on such malware-fighting tools. During the full system scan, this program indicates all intruders, cyber threats, even altered registry keys. When the tool delivers malware scan results, you can choose to terminate all malicious programs and fix additional issues.

Don't forget to check the purpose of the Msfeedssync.exe file before deleting this executable.

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Alternative Software
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