What is Sechealthui.exe? Should I remove it?

Sechealthui.exe – a safe Windows file that could be exploited by cybercriminals

Sechealthui.exe is an executable of Windows Defender and silently runs in the Task manager. The original file is located in a subfolder of Windows directory, and its size varies between 3068kB and 3069.44kB. The process is essential for normal operation of Windows Defender, and it should not be terminated unless it is not signed by Microsoft (in such case it is not authentic). In case the process is initiated by malware, Sechealthui.exe removal is necessary.

Name Sechealthui.exe
Type System file
A process of Windows Defender
Possible malware? Yes, but unlikely
Malware distribution Malicious websites, spam emails, etc.
Malware symptoms Varies depending on infection
Elimination Download and install FortectIntego

Windows Defender is an anti-virus application which is included with the operating system by default (prior to Windows 8.1, the program used to be called Microsoft Security Essentials). That is why the Sechealthui.exe app has passed the Windows Store certification and is not dangerous in any way.

However, hackers often abuse the original executables' names and create malware that can be disguised as legitimate files. In some cases, viruses can replace, shut down or duplicate existing Sechealthui.exe file. Therefore, it is vital to perform a system scan using FortectIntego or other reputable software and perform malware elimination immediately.

There are a variety of viruses lurking on the internet that can be disguised as Sechealthui.exe, such as ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, coin miners and other malware. These malicious applications are created by cybercriminals that seek financial benefit. In some cases, malware is used to harass or blackmail users. Nevertheless, FBI and other organizations are actively working on helping people, as cybercrime is booming, especially since the internet as we know it was created.

A virus that would replace Sechealthui.exe could display some of the following symptoms:

  • Slowdown of the PC operation;
  • Software crashes;
  • High CPU/GPU usage;
  • Frequent BSoDs;
  • Random restarts;
  • Increased amount of ads;
  • Installation of additional programs, etc.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the operation of malware is hardly noticeable, as it tries to perform its malicious activities without any traces. The damage caused could be anything from removed/installed programs, stolen personal information or even identity theft. Therefore, do not hesitate to remove Sechealthui.exe virus.

The primary problem with malware, especially trojans, is that it can serve as a backdoor to other malicious applications. Some viruses might not perform any activity at all, but allow the download and installation of other malicious files.

Although no malware protection method on the internet is 100% secure, there are several ways to reduce the chance of infection. Likewise, inattentive users can increase their chances by being careless when they browse the internet or check their emails.

Beware of spam emails and malicious sites

Many users believe that malware simply enters their machines without them doing anything. It is definitely not true, and people should forget that myth. Two parties are involved during infiltration – cybercriminals and the user. Unfortunately, users are often careless on the internet and do not take appropriate security measures.

One of the biggest mistakes made by users is the opening spam emails and clicking on links or executing the attachments. Sure, the phishing email might seem legitimate, but victims often do not double check the “From” address, and it is the main giveaway. Thus, before you open any attachments or click on links that come within a questionable email, make sure it is coming from a person who he claims to be.

Additionally, users do not bother with security software. Anti-virus applications are vital for a healthy computer. These programs are capable of stopping malicious codes from entering machines, as long as the virus is inside its database (that is why updating software is just as necessary as having one).

Finally, we suggest you stay away from porn, file-sharing and other dubious websites. The security level of such domains is not high, and hackers can often intercept installers and inject malicious code directly into them. Thus, do not click on questionable ads or explore the content of malicious sites.

Eliminate Sechealthui.exe process if it is initiated by malware

As we already mentioned, Sechealthui.exe is an entirely legitimate file and belongs to Windows Defender security software. Those who prefer Windows-based anti-virus should not touch the executable as it can disrupt a proper program operation.

Nevertheless, Sechealthui.exe removal is mandatory if malware has copied the application name. Most likely it is a trojan horse that needs professional elimination. Therefore, never try to remove Sechealthui.exe virus yourself and leave the security software to take care of everything automatically.

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Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Intego, try running Combo Cleaner.
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